[Info required] Known issue: Long video loading times on tools

Dear community,

We are aware that some of you have been experiencing long video loading times on our tools (Segment Timer and/or Subtitle Editor). Our engineers are still in the midst of investigating and would need more information from you.

If you have been experiencing this issue, please kindly share with us the following (based on your personal experience; not recounts of your teammates):

  1. Does it occur on Segment Timer only, Subtitle Editor only, or both?
  2. The video(s) on which you experience this issue (title and episode)
  3. Your console logs and .HAR files (Learn how you can obtain them here)

As Discussions does not support attachment on files, you can drop us a note with the above information if you are sending over the console log and .har file.

Thank you in advance, on behalf of our mighty engineering team! :raised_hands:

NOTE: To keep discussions here organized, we recommend browsing the forum for existing relevant threads if you are discussing issues that are not around this topic.