Is Anyone Using KOCOWA's Own Streaming Service?

I have subscribed with VIKI for awhile now and recently subscribed to Kocowa’s streaming service. I don’t mind paying 6.95/month with Kocowa because once the drama is available to watch it is fully subbed in English, you don’t have to wait.


Today Viki bought the license of Mama Fairy. I am so happy that a tVN program made it here. Keep up the good work Viki!!! It seems that one can watch Kocowa’s programs after a few weeks. Terius is still locked but I checked Go Back Couple and I could watch it without paying another subscription. I have Viki Pass Plus, is that why?

@prindallas go back couple isnt on viki anymore for like two/ thress weeks… but it can be it´only for us europeans. i think it depends, like always, on where you live. i edited the drama in my language and could not even watch it v.v

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I can confirm that Go Back Couple is still available on Viki. It’s just not available in Europe, anymore.

like all the other (or most) mbc, sbs and kbs dramas it´s not available for us ;_; -.-
and it´s absolutly not funny -.-
viki is the only legal side for us… and then this

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Yes, everything from KOCOWA (KBS, MBC, SBS) was pulled from Europe. They’ll probably make them available again, but with the added Plus Pass.

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you hit the nail on the head with this one. another saying what goes around comes around, Yes I am one of those “senior citizens” on a fixed income. and yes I was “dragged” not the right word, into these dramas, Kdrama,c drama, ,jdrama, tdrama, all of them. love watching these young folks playing their parts, I kinda adopted them, love watching them.

But I really have come to the conclusion, these people don’t want me or need me! as for being a senior citizen, which I am not making that an excuse, I am seriously thinking of just dropping out of these dramas, I myself hate to do this, but what else is there? And what is my 2 cents worth, will they listen, will they hear me?

(Please, don’t sacrifice yourself and pay more making these companies mergers mega rich. There is in life other things we can do that can bring us entertainment and might cost less or nothing at all. Hiking the mountains, volunteering in Hospitals, schools. Learning new things, hobbies, cooking. The world is out there for all of us to enjoy. Being glued to a screen for a 45 minute drama, begging for subtitles, is not what life should be all about)
you again are correct, I crochet, sew, give when I can, but this is my entertainment.

but all in all you are right, we nwed to get out more, theres a library thats starving for people to go there, museums, etc. but some of us aren’t able to get out,


I’m sorry to hear you can’t go out or have anyone in your family to take you to those places. I did it for my mom until my health deteriorated, too.

We get transportation if we want to go to the Museums, Library, even the mall to shop in different boroughs or as far as 3 hour ride! We pay the fare of the train cost $2.75. Sometimes I forget not everyone has the extras we have here where I live.

Where do you live? They really don’t offer those services where you live at? You also don’t have senior citizen centers?

Oddly enough my message was for the younger kids, not for us seniors citizen. The comments I read that were drastic came from younger kids (you can tell by their pictures). Some sounded suicidal although they probably were been overly dramatic.

I believe they are listening, and will resolve this soon. They can’t afford to lose subscribers.

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yes there are senior centers around my area, and yes I can get transportation, but that is mostly for dr.s appts. they got a new thing here called Uber, may try that see how it will fit for me. I didn’t mean to sound depressive either. Yes I do and did read the comments, of the others, really sad these young people get so blue.

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I’m glad you have those available. What I do is when I have appointments if there are shopping stores around the doctor’s office I shop first, and I go back to the address where they have to pick me up in the doctor’s office. Then, I call them. Kill 2 birds in one shot.

good idea maybe I will dothat next time

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