Is that a Project Finder issue?


This is the second time in a few days, too much to be a coincidence. People writing “English subtitler application” when in reality they want to sub in another language.
Is it their fault (they didn’t see the application title) or Viki’s fault?


I once received an application for Italian subtitler where I was the English moderator.

I don’t think it’s Viki’s fault here, I guess it’s just people who didn’t pay enough attention on the language they’re applying to.


I’ve also received numerous applications titled English subtitler when they wanted to apply for other languages. I guess it’s because most are new and the default in project finder is translate from X to English.


On the first photo I can see the user name!


She’s added as an English moderator for the show, which is why she’s also added to the message. She’s not the person who put in the application :slight_smile:


Not Justine!
The one who sent the application for other language, my eyes are sharp you know lol.


Ha ha, yes, it was the link to her profile page. Stupid of me. I amended it now.
(Not that she’s done anything bad, but yeah, you know…)


Yeah! But some people may take it wrongly!We can never know.