Is there anywhere I can practice on segmenting or


subtitling for English programs while I am waiting to get moved up the list in Ninja academy I’m 60 down list last I checked but so many of my shows are not subtitled and I am SO BORED.


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My humble knowledge is that you can’t segment without graduating from the NSSA. But I guess there must be somewhere where you can sub without having to do the segmenting yourself.


If you’re fluent in English you can apply for the position of a “general editor” to edit spelling and grammar.


Thank you very much


If you segment on your own you are likely going to develop inefficient and ineffective habits.


Yes I was advised to not segment before entering NSSA by a Sensei and since I am now only in the teens away from starting in the sandbox on the correct path I am focusing on memorizing the shortcut keys and the segmenting guide. I did find a 4 episode program of something to check for spelling and grammar issues in the meantime so I won’t be to bored this week.

Thank you everyone for responding


Look at this helpful thread. It lists projects that need help. Some of these need captioning (English soft subs copying the existing hard subs). I updated the list by clicking on each one of them. Most are restricted in my region but chances are that they are not for yours.

Of course the hard subs are not always very good, so they also need editing.
There is also another option There are variety shows spoken in English. Some of them hard-subbed, some not. The ones which don’t even have hard subs have to be soft-subbed for the hearing-impaired. But even those who are hard-subbed need soft subs if they are to be translated into other languages.
“Join Us Korea” is spoken in English, and hardsubbed.

This one doesn’t have any hard subs, so it is only for people who understand English very well (like you, who are a native English speaker)