Is this user within the "Treat others as you would like to be treated" guideline?

First a refresher

And then we have a user so passionate about history and about a fictional character in a historical drama, that s/he went on an insulting spree on Queen for Seven Days’ last episode comments page.
First it started as a “drama police”, and was still somehow civil, although ready to lose patience at any moment.

Aand, then here is what he replied to my comment.
I don’t know what it was in what I wrote, that triggered him or her so.

Now do you think that this person’s response to my post was within guidelines? I’d like your opinions, because I might be biased.
Not your opinions on my opinion on the drama writer, because I get it that many wouldn’t agree with me, and it’s perfectly all right. And it’s not my intention to share thoughts on the drama here (it could be the subject of another post).
My question is why a post sharing opinions (controversial or not) in a civilized way, had to be replied to with such an attack.

This troll is clever. And it truly is a troll. He/she doesn’t insult directly, but vicariously, insulting the comment, rather than the commenter.

Yeah, for sure he/she ain’t benevolent in her comments. And I for sure would not want to be treated that way.

Can you report the comments, rather than the user?

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This reply is quite rude, but he/she says your post is ridiculous, not you. He/she expresses her/his opinion, he/she is not insulting you personally. This should be within the guidelines, no reason to flag him.

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Hmm… I don’t know. A person who is not ridiculous can write a ridiculous post?
Yes, I know, when our children are young they always tell us to say “what you did is bad” instead of “you are bad”, that it makes a great difference and does not traumatize the person and their self-worth. But applied here, this principle seems a bit of a sophism.

Anyway. I’m not going to do anything, I just have to remember not to interact with him/her again.