Is Viki still doing Thai Lakorns?

I would really like to know if Viki is phasing out Thai lakorns? I really like them and am trying to learn the language and am really disappointed that several of the older ones have been removed and replaced with Thai Actor/Actress pages instead. I like the Actors/Actress pages, but would like to see more Lakorns added as well. Current ones as well as older ones. I watch mostly Thai and Korean, some Japanese,and none of the others. Will seriously revisit if I wish to keep my subscription to Viki pass if I cannot watch the ones I like here.


I think they’re discontinuing them because someone brought up the same issue a few days ago. We have yet to hear anything from the Viki staff.

I really like lakorns. A few days ago, I read that CH3 asked viki to remove their lakorns, but it seems that all of them have been removed, including CH7, CH8 & One.
I started to look for another alternatives in several web sites, I found quite a few more sites but I am still looking for the ones I like.
You can find old lakorns in YT, the new ones only a few.
I hope Viki is able to bring again the lakorns, I really cannot understand why they do not pay for the licence.


I haven’t actually watched any lakorns yet, but I was planning to watch them in the future. I really hope Viki will keep them. Viki would be so boring if only Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese drama’s remain.


Thanks for sharing this, now I understand where all the good Lakorns went. I am so sad that this is happening, thai shows are my favorite after Korean and Chinese.

I love watching Lakorns & found quite a few on YT. But what baffles me the most is only the one that are english subbed are being blocked or removed. I hope Ch3, Ch7 & One start subbing their own or allow others to do it.

I second that. I havent been on the computer and just my tablet. Now that I started to use the computer again I was surprised at all the changes. I could hardly find any Thai Lakorn. I too watch them to learn Thai. Interesting enough by watching them I have learned or pick up enough Thai to help sub where I can. So it is and will be very disappointing to see all of it go away. Please try to bring it back. We as the fans of other countries show want to watch and learn about their cultures and languages. I hope that Viki works on getting this back on.

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