Issue with the watched list

I have two issues with my watch list that are very annoying:
1: It doesn’t always detect I fully watched the episode already or not. Which is annoying because sometimes I don’t remember the episode number so I click on the episode only to realize that I already watched it fully.
2: Sometimes I stop an episode midway because I have other things to do but then when I want to watch the episode again it starts from the beginning instead of where I left of.

This doesn’t happen with every episode I watch so I have no idea why for one episode it all works how it should work and then with the next episode it’s messed up.

Do more people have this issue? I’m not in the mood to file a help request so if it’s a known issue…


Yes, it doesn’t seem to work quite as I’d hoped it would. I never go from my watch list because it’s usually the wrong episode. When I finish a drama episode I always let it start the next episode, then I can usually find the episode I’m on, when I go to the drama page and look at the episode list. I actually will often have a couple tabs open with dramas in progress so I don’t have to figure out where I left off.


I am also having the same problems!

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It’s like, if you watch a long stretch of the video without any input (meaning, you don’t press any buttons), the video looses the connection to the cache on your computer or something in charge of remembering where you stopped watching.

For me that almost always happen if I cast on the TV. It’s so weird.


Yes, happened multiple times and I’ve contacted Viki about this multiple times. They say it’s due to the traffic on the site. It’s just a bit annoying, so I always have to keep a separate list of which episode I stayed at and which minute I paused it at.

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yes happens to me too

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