It's Raining All Day - What Are Best "Rainy Day" Dramas



**What Are Your Favorite **
Sit All Day and Watch
Rainy Day Dramas.

Maybe I need to find some short ones like Splash Splash Love that I can watch on Rainy Day???

I am really wanting some Kim Jae Wook!
Or Maybe Coffee Prince!


Bumping this up becausee it’s been raining all week and I’m craving rainy day dramas :sweat_smile:
I think the best dramas for a rainy day are either good ol’ mysteries or totally sweet, fluffy little pieces of pure candy.
I think I watch this every “first rain” day:

My new pure-fluff addition— could listen to that OST alll dayyy:

AISH this one has a rewatch value of 200 on 10!!!


What are you currently watching?

Perfect Rainy Day Drama


I swear this is just one of my favorite DRAMAS!
Watching today - It’s RAINING!



It’s POURING Let’s SEE What Rainy Day Drama today??? Do you guys have ONE?

I think it will be maybe a little

**Kim Jae WOOK today **
Her Private Life

Maybe Legend of the Blue Sea



Bump Bump UP!

Any Rain Day Dramas You Love???


I have not watch Healer yet! I so NEED to get on that WOOKIE :purple_heart:


Just Between Lovers

I could watch this all day, every day, rain or shine, but I suppose the subject matter suits a rainy day.

p.s. Someone needs to teach me how to add the synopsis thingy to my posts.


you mean hide the details or just a link?


I don’t know. I see people always including a link to a show and it shows the actual synopsis, such as you did above for ‘W’. I don’t know how that works.


Oh like this

You just copy the link from VIKI show on it’s home page and put it in the post
try grabbing Just Between Lovers and post and see if it works for you.


I have not watch it yet because I know Junho is going to make me cry I might not get through it! I’m going to watch his Good Manager first and laugh before I cry! I need to rewatch Wok of Love - my favorite and where I found him as an actor before an Idol


That simple, huh? lol Here’s my attempt…

Just Between Lovers | Rakuten Viki

Haha, fail. :woman_facepalming:t3:


That works too!

You use the search bar above the show or the address bar and just copy it but what you did works


But it hurts SOOOOOOO good. Like, legitimately Lee Kang Doo is my favorite Kdrama character of all. There will be tears (I still cry after watching it a zillion times), but it is not all pain. It’s just so, so good.


That’s what I did, but I got what I got. Oh well. Thanks for trying.


I’m afraid I won’t survive!


You will! You will survive! :grinning:


I love Kim Myung Soo

Definitely Good for a Rainy Day - SO CUTE


Love him, too. He plays the most perfect, adorable cat in that one.