Hello everybody! :smile:
I like very much the badges which Viki offer us, after a part of our work. I wanted very much to receive the Japan badges. I subbed into Romanian an anime, but after a time this anime was down on Viki. Than I subbed into Romanian a very nice Japan movie: Love Scenario. Unfortunatelly I didn’t received my loved Japan badge. :disappointed: I am asking why? Are you also in the same situation? What should I do to receive it? Please, can you give me an advice? :cry:

I’m not sure but I think that’s due to the fact it’s a Japanese movie and not a Jdrama?
I also know that some badges have retired when the new badges where launched so you can’t get some of those anymore.

About the anime badge, you need a minimum amount of subs/segs to get it and even though something is taken down your contributions remain counted (viki told me). So maybe you can sub a bit from an anime that is still available?

Again, not staff, but Dudie’s answer sounds about right.

The currently available badges are here: http://www.viki.com/badges
I don’t know why, but for Japan and Korea, the badges sound like they’re only offered for dramas, whereas for other countries, they’re for all “titles.”
Maybe you can send in something to the help center about it if you want. Or you could pick up a short project if you’re up for it.