Japanese Celebrities official Instagram [ Updated 2015/07/15 ]

Nagano Mei: mei_nagano0924official
Mackenyu: mackenyu.1116
Takahashi Issei: issey_tabisuru
Yoshioka Riho: riho_yoshioka
Yamazaki Ikusaburo: ikusaburo_yamazaki_official
Ohno Takuro: takuro.ohno

Kawaguchi Haruna: haruna_kawaguchi_official
Tsuchiya Tao: taotsuchiya_official

Do you have an Instagram or Twitter
acct for Bai Jing Ting or Chen Xue Dong ( Chen Cheney) of Rush to the Dead Summer ( Love 'til the End of Summer)?

Fukuyama Masaharu: masaharu_fukuyama_official
Yamada Yuki: 00_yuki_y

Dude what about ?
Nakajima kento
Nakayama Yuma

Are they on Instagram Twitter or Facebook
Please do tell

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Yes please is Kento Nakajima has instagram account?

Do you have the legit account of Takeru Satoh?

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only have youtube account you can search it as satoh takeru

i don’t think he has account