Ji Soo Sick

Ji Soo is recovery from bone surgery. They thought he might have bone cancer but it turned out to a bone marrow infection. That is still very scary because infections can travel throughout the body and to the blood. http://www.soompi.com/2016/09/13/ji-soos-agency-provides-details-health-condition/ Hope all goes well for him. He is an amazing actor.

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Super worried for him! Fighting Ji Soo! One of my favourite actors because he always put such emotion and passion into everything!

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for such a young actor he is able to carry a scene. In Fantastic he was a strong part of the show. I haven’t heard any news on his recovery in the last 3 days so I hope no new is good news. If he is able to recover quickly I hope he takes it easy for a little bit. It probably won’t happen in Kdramaland but he really should take it easy.

Hope Ji Soo get’s better soon :pray: