Joseon Exorcist Officially Cancelled And Removed


CORRECTION: I should have added that MAYBE…

…The reason why Joseon Exorcist was cancelled is because it involved a form of religion from a foreign country using their praying method on Asian ppl . I was shocked to see how many bible verses were recited in Latin in the first episode. It was a (catholic) priest, who exorcised these demons from the body of Asian people? I’m sure they don’t believe (in that era) in the first place in the cross, holy water and other stuff the priest was using.

The most ridiculous part was that they looked like vampires (had pointed teeth), and sucked the blood out of people dry. I mean, what was going on there? demonic entities or vampires? Make up your mind dumb writer. They didn’t know if they were coming or going. Nothing was lost if they cancelled it. I really thought it was the second part of Kingdom, but soon realized it was not. .


Well, historically, Christians in most every non-Christian environment have always been against the traditional spiritual ways of non-Christians. The Christian religions require them to proselytize. They think theirs’ is the only way so of course they will demonize other religious traditions. There’s a 2,000 year history of them stomping on everyone else’s traditions.


Christianity isn’t the only religion that teaches religious exclusivity, it’s part of all the Abrahamic religions, as well as others.

Religious exclusivism - New World Encyclopedia


Actor Jang Dong Yoon has officially apologised for trying to make a living by starring in this alleged satanic drama. Oh boy… Imagine Hollywood actors apologising for starring in terrible remakes and sequels. But No! They just take the money and never look back. Koreans, on the other hand, are way too sensitive…


Soon enough the entire cast will apologise…


George Clooney apologizes for Batman & Robin, but yes, I know what your’re saying. This means us international fans need to make sure to support their next projects so they know they’re still appreciated.


It’s not even their fault! If you need to put the blame on someone it’s writer PD, production team and the people who where thinking showing a lot Chinese inspired things was ok.


It’s not. I don’t want to quarrel over this with you, but if you read the articles carefully and the apologies of the actors you will see that it is all about the denigration of the most beloved cultural legacy and a highly admired father of the nation.
For most of us Westerners … We have a different culture, one were gargoyles on churches already showed their bottom against the authorities. Nothing like that in South Korea to my knowledge at least not several hundred years ago.

Actors might have an insight on how the figure they portray is created, but most of the time the script will be adapted in the ongoing shooting. Anyway they are not responsible for wardrobe or props, but since they are the faces of the drama they will get the most criticism. The criticism of the PD and screenwriter might be bigger in their homeland, but internationally it will be the actors’ involvement making bigger headlines.

Let’s just hope that everyone gets out of this controversy without much harm. It’s just scary to watch from the sideline.


He’s such a great guy. I adore him. But actions movies aren’t really his forte. He’s way too handsome and funny and charismatic to be wearing his underwear on the outside. :sweat_smile:


Maybe I missed it, but there was nothing about christians in any of the articles concerning JE.


Like what the?! This isn’t right at all!!

Also, it seems as though VIKI has completely removed Joseon Exorcist from its servers. What about the volunteers who worked on the first episodes?

VIKI has gone too far this time.


My part is blown by the wind.


Shame on VIKI for removing “Joseon Exorcist” from its line-up! Do they plan to do the same with Mr. Queen?


Ohh hopefully that didn’t remove the segments and subs from our contributioncount. I only segged 1 part but yes it’s too bad for the entire team.

I wonder if Viki did notify the CM and Mods about removing it. I didn’t get a message about it.


What to expect from a company about how to deal with a faulty product? And it is nothing more like a faulty product, when only 2 episodes of several are delivered, of course, it will be removed from the shelves. We wouldn’t know the details, if the money spent is just wasted or if they will get some or all money back because the license holder can’t deliver.
I am speculating, but guessing that the made contribution will stay on the volunteers accounts as it has been this way for many other contributions, that were deleted over time.
Mr. Queen is in the Top 10 streams this week, so I doubt it. There was criticism and now the main actress lost some advertisement, because she dared to say she enjoyed working on the drama. I would rather say she lost the advertisements because the companies involved fear fewer selling numbers, that’s all there is at the very end money makes the world go around.


Vom tvn YT channel wurde Mr. Queen völlig entfernt.

But my contribution to JE is still shown at my profile.


Nun, tvN ist ein koreanischer Sender und alle in Korea versuchen möglichst glimpflich aus der Sache zu kommen, sprich ohne Einbußen. Viki hat das internationale Publikum, die asiatischen Serien haben bei Viki meist keine Streamingrechte in ihren Heimatländern, deshalb glaube ich, (du weißt, das heißt nicht wissen), dass hier nichts passieren wird, auch weil Lizenzen meist im Vorfeld abgewickelt werden und die Nutzung dann wohl vom Anbieter “rückabgewickelt” werden müsste, was bestimmt nicht einfacher ist.
“Aber wie immer nichts genaues weiß man nicht.”

So, for those interested in short I wrote:
That tvN is a Korean broadcaster so to not be in harms way they try to stay as clean as possible, so not to be affected too much.
And I assume, but don’t know, that Viki will not take off Mr. Queen as it is for one in the Top 10 streams this week and for the other Viki normally doesn’t provide streaming service for content in the country of origin. We could guess that the license for Mr. Queen is already payed and therefore it would also be a hassle to terminate the contract.
And as I stated in German: nothing is certain.


Did you watch the first 2 episodes? I did and so you should know, that the origin of those demonic zombies are the Western countries. The interpreter Marco and Pater Yohan told the third prince, that his father and grandfather let the so called “ringleader of the living deads” in their country. So it makes sense to hold up a Western exorcism, even when the “spirits” of those demons possessed the bodies of the Korean people.

And this was fiction, so why can’t demonic zombies suck blood and have vampire teeth? Fantasy is unlimited, they could have 3 legs or wings or horns on their heads, too. :grinning:


It’s not Viki’s fault, the decision was made by the 3 production companies who made the Kdrama.


Thank you for letting me know. It’s a dreadful situation, either way.