Just curious

how are these actors & actresses doing with this virus thing? are they being careful( that was a silly question) are they doing the distancing? is the corona laws different there than say in USA? are they stopping some of the actions in their dramas, are they even stopping doing any dramas or movies?
like I said just curious.
Yall be safe and have a great day!

To my knowledge there is no filming (of dramas/movies) in many countries recently because of global lockdown. The areas that are re-opened are in different business fields.

In Germany there are some new TV shows that are ‘home made’, meaning, the actors filmed themselves at home and they’re doing something like a corona parody show or a how to live during corona drama.

Few other shows are filmed within the studios but not movies or shows with close contact like romance stories. Also all the movies/shows that need travelling are cancelled. :frowning:


ahhhhhh! thanks for the info.

The Dutch daily soap first stopped the kissing scenes and later stopped filming altogether. Normally it’s on tv 5 days a week, but now only 4 days, so that they could let it last longer. I believe the last episode they recorded will be shown somewhere this month.
And we also have some home-recorded shows these days.

In Asia (at least in Korea and Taiwan) restaurants, cafes, etc. are still open (other than here, where such places are all closed). So I wonder whether they have a different way of dealing with filming as well. I’m sure they will be careful though. Korea already dealt with MERS in 2015, so they have experience in dealing with these kinds of viruses.

And apparently kimchi saved them from SARS at the time: https://theseoultimes.com/ST/?url=/ST/db/read.php%3Fidx=74


Chinese productions were stopped but I don’t know if they’re back to filming yet.


well thanks for the info, like I said just curious! Kimchi, hmm wonder if that would work this time?

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It’s so weird to watch tv programs these days for sure. Then you have an audience, then there is none. Then there are guests live in the studio and then they videocall all the guests. Now there is even a program that uses a clapping, and I believe laughing, recording so it does sound like there is an audience but there is none. I never watched a lot of tv but now with all the reruns and pointless programs. Like they had “Sportjournaal” like all the time while there where no sports to report on :see_no_evil:


NYC is so heavy influenced that it’s no wonder when they film at home.

Here, they said if there are over 50 new infections/100 000 people the area has to go back to lockdown.

This was announced yesterday and it already happened to 3 areas in 3 different German states now (bc of workers of slaughterhouses, one house has 192 proved infections so now they test all 1200 employees + all workers of the other slaughterhouses in other states which also had cases). And we also have a high infection rate in one elderly house.

So it’s probably not over yet and our scientists say that they shouldn’t remove all the lockdown rules/aspects so fast bc that will only rise the number of new infections but the government does it anyway bc of the economic consequences.


I wonder why they don’t use software to show a designed background instead of their real rooms.


money propblems? wouldnt it cost money to set up those background things?

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Maybe they like to show the famous people in their natural habitat. To show solidarity with all the regular people who have to stay at home.
And I’m sure some people are curious to see the way they live.


Software is cheap around 40-50 €/$ shouldn’t be a problem for a professional TV moderator.

I was also thinking if that is the reason, who knows?
But I can’t remember it for German TV only for screenshots of German journalists who write articles. Some posted home office pics with comments like: when you suddenly have to work at home but don’t have a bureau at home so you have to work at your kitchen table.

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