[K-DRAMA] Anyone watching Secret Forest? ***Spoilers ahead***

I see nobody watches this. :frowning: Too bad, it’s a great drama.

It’s one of the few times the bad guys are smart and the good guys care about the aftermath.

I am watching it ,It reminds me a little of Lookout since a good prosecutor is working with a corrupt head prosecutor so he can dig up dirt on him and the cases he covered up and also working with a female cop…**spoilerI knew in episode 1 that the real killer was the person in the window since the video was blurry and they set up an innocent guy…I am watching 3 dramas now where the head prosecutor is the bad guy letting the real killers off and setting up innocent people and most of the time they kiil the innocent guy in jail and make it look like suicide so the person wont talk

I’m also watching Lookout and I like how they’re exploring different angles of the same set-up. They could feel like copies, but they are both very interesting (for now, I hope I don’t jinx it!)

SPOILER: When he saw the school uniform and thought the girl must be a student, my first, second and third guess was that it’s just a “work uniform”…

Also, I have a feeling the female cop will die in the end.

oh yes I am watching this one. Awesome! yes it does remind me of lookout the difference is he had surgery when he was younger on his brain, so he doesnt have much emotions. really interesting though. can’t wait for next episode and for Lookout too! 3 you say? Look out, forest & suspicious partner
right? with lookout, its always someone you least suspect. love it, like seeing : oh my fhost" so good to see her in a part! sorry this was for forest, wonder if a romance will blossom with him andd that detective, the female cop/detective oh lets just wait & see huh?

Since you’re watching Lookout, tell me how is Shin Dong-Wook, playing the role of Lee Gwan-Woo?
This is his comeback after 2010, after being diagnosed with a terrible invalidating illness, and I am watching over him - but still I don’t like action thrillers, so I am rather reluctant to watch the series just to see him in a few episodes.

He’s not doing much (maybe they’ll expand his character in the next few episodes) and I chuckle at that idol hair on a priest, but he seems ok. I didn’t know about his health issues, is it treatable?

There a dedicated thread to Lookout here https://discussions.viki.com/t/k-drama-anyone-watching-lookout-spoilers-ahead/15959/14

I like look out very good in my book, I did guess about the prosecutor who the boss was. as for the other actors & actresses love them! for forest wow, how mysterious! wonder if a romance will brew with the prosecutor & detective?
oh yeah as for which one on lookout, and runaway detective, wonder if romance will be brewing? guess we will have to watch & see!
I missed something, could you explain about his disease and all? and sorry which one has the disease?

I don’t know, none of these dramas need a romance line. Maybe, if it’s well-written, but I wouldn’t want the writers to shove some romance in there just because.

Incurable but somehow sometimes controllable. It has taken him more than six years to be able to appear in public again.

[QUOTE]CRPS is an extremely rare yet severe disease, though little is still known about the supposed neurological disease.
Symptoms often include extreme pain, swelling and changes in the skin and gradually worsen over time.
Even the slightest touch to a CRPS-afflicted individual brings excruciating pain. In comparison, childbirth is given a pain rating of 7, one’s skin burning a rating of 9 and the pain that a CPRS-afflicted individual feels a 10 on the same scale.
With treatment for the disease often proving unsatisfactory for CPRS patients, there are many cases of CPRS-afflicted individuals committing suicide, after being unable to bear the pain. [/QUOTE]
During a recent talk show he said:

See, he’s been through a lot. He wasn’t the most stellar actor out there, not bad either, he delivered decently what he had to deliver, and never got a chance to evolve, as his career was cut short by that. I hope he can have a normal acting life from now on.

wow thank you for that, I really didnt know about this. all I can say he is a fine actor, hope this one will give him the start he needs. again thanks for the info.

BTW, although I understand if you don’t like it, the deeper story is about parent-child relationships.


  • Mother who “failed” to protect her child
  • Mother who tries to protect her child but has to work
  • Mother who is “responsible” for granddaughter’s death
  • Father who was absent for reasons beyond his control
  • Father who protects a guilty child out of pride
  • Mother who protects a guilty child out of love
  • Murdered and missing parents.

I’d say parenthood is the main theme of the series.

Oh that would be very stressful and heart-wrenching for me as a parent.
I am prone to heart palpitations at the least shadow of stressful stuff and when I’m worried or I see or hear unpleasant things I tend to see nightmares about bad things happening to my children, parents and/or my cats. Or I wake up in the middle of the night with 130 beats per minute. In music this would be an allegro, but there’s nothing joyful in it I assure you. It takes ten minutes of purring near my ear to calm me down.

Nope. Not recommended, then. I remember you mentioning this, I didn’t know it could be triggered by something like that. Although the action is well done, the pain of the parents and children is “naked”, it’s not an easy watch.

Watch You’re Beautiful (I enjoyed it immensely). :slight_smile:

Edit: I feel bad if I upset you, watch this, it always makes me smile :slight_smile: https://youtu.be/r5V8ecsrxeY

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I am watching on a “site which shall remain nameless” and enjoying Bae Doo Na’s return to K drama. It’s my reward to me after I finish working on my dramas at viki.

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How was that again, in Korean? Mu Myeong? (It was the name of a character in Jackpot) We should call it that, then! “I watched this drama on mu-myeong…”:slight_smile:

This was precious! Koreans also love their rooftops, and I can see why.
I just watched* Queen-of-the-Ring with Kim Seul Gi. I just love that actress. And this mini-drama (four 30-minute episodes) was simple and sweet without being stupid. Very relaxing.

*not here, but on my other hangout. (I only hang out where there is a strong commenting community. They are not timed, unfortunately, but still there’s lots of interaction underneath the video)

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I just watched it, yeah a smile and giggles here. hey maybe thats why I like "healer"so much! the rooftop scenes!! gotta watch the queen of the ring, seems like I have seen it or something like it. I will find out today, yeah on other site
my trusty history site! I already seen it queen of the ring. was refreshing and really cute! liked my actress too.

I’m currently watching Secret Forest and I like it so far!
Last year there was the drama “Beautiful Mind” with Jang Hyuk and the male lead was lacking emotion too.
I’m wondering If there will be any romance between Yeo Jin and Shi Mok…:thinking:
I actually hope so, because the male lead seems not to be the emotionless robot we saw in the other drama I mentioned.
I love Bae Doo Na’s acting here, she’s a badass police officer with a warm and positive personality!

Stray thoughts on episode 5:

  • Reporters and paparazzi can be worse than cockroaches and jellyfish combined.
  • How often do police officers not check if their victim is alive in a crime scene? It seems to happen in every other drama.
  • Yoon Se Ah is so underrated.

To be honest, I really hope there is no romance. The world is full of rom-coms, I just want to enjoy a good thriller.