[K-DRAMA] Arabic Translators Needed for "Chicago Typewritter"

Hey Guys!
I would like to call out all of the Arabic Translators to help in this situation… Unfortunately Chicago Typewriter Arabic team is suffering a lot, we are only 3 members and the work is a lot. Although the drama has ended we have only the first episode completely translated in Arabic and the rest of the episodes still in progress…
Although I don’t mind having only 3 members and working together slowly, but I feel bad for all the Arabic watchers who are having a hard time watching the drama because they can’t understand what is being said.
Thus I ask all of you to help me please!
If you would like to help please DM me.@sosoeali
Thank you!:slight_smile:
Note: Whoever want to help must be at least a QC trainee.( Due to several reasons, but the main one is because of regional license restrictions.)

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hi I can help you if you want

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That would be great please just send me a PM to add directly to the group.
Thank you very much!!!

i will help

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Thank you very much, but please send me PM to directly add you to the group.

I would love to contribute too if that’s still possible.

absolutely just send me PM so I could add you