[K-DRAMA] “Love in Time” Recruiting [CLOSED]


Hi :slight_smile: who is the portuguese moderator?


I would love to help sub from korean to english!


Hello if you are still looking for help I would like to segment.


Hellooo I can help with the japanese subtitles, I also speak spanish and English… please let me know if you can give me a chance…!! おやすみ !


Hello!!! I’m willing to segment for this drama if you let me! I can also translate subtitles from English to Arabic if you want?


Hii if you still need an english to portuguese BR sub, let me know!:grin:


Hello, I would like to translate eng. to portuguese if you need! =D


Hello! I can sub korean to english if needed!


Hi, I would like to be a Ko - Eng Subber or Segmenter. Either one is fine really.


Hey, I can subtitle from English to French If you want, I’m available.


I can translate to Portuguese


Hello, I would like to be a french moderator,Thank you.



Hi, I can translate to Spanish either from English or French


People – check the channel – it was completely segmented and subbed in English and other languages months ago. This is NOT the place to sign up to sub or to segment – you should be writing to the members of the team as listed on the channel cover page,


You see, on one hand we have newbies who are oblivious of the date of the original post and don’t think they have to go check on the channel page, on the other hand the people writing the post forget to add “closed” or whatever.