K-Drama Recommendations (GO ALL OUT)

It’s 2017! And new dramas have become you’re favourite! & I want to know ALL about them! Old, new I don’t care. Let me know some of the most recent dramas you’ve watched & maybe explain it a bit. :sparkling_heart: I would truly appreciate it x

To those who watch other dramas like c-dramas, t-dramas or j-dramas LIST THEM DOWN PLS! I don’t watch them but I would love to start watching all dramas.


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** My 13 best of 2016 list**

Romantic Doctor Kim (consistently excellent from beginning to end, great ending, great acting. My only complaint is graphic close ups of opened up wounds),
My Wife is having an Affair this Week (believable characters, wonderful psychological insight, great acting by main lead),
On the Way to the Airport (sensitive writing for adult audiences),
Five Children (heartwarming, realistic, human and comical),
W (the first 8 episodes were the greatest, but then, oh well…),
Another Oh Hae-Young (good writing which doesn’t take the audience for retarded children, my only gripe being the slapstick moments which jarred),
Goblin (stunning cinematography and stellar OST, compelling story. Sometimes a bit slow, but no complaining here. Main girl really luminous, she was the pillar of the show. Second male lead wooden acting)
Sweet Stranger a.k.a. The Man Living in Our House (except for the last two episodes). Very interesting story. At some point it started going in rounds, but otherwise well-written.
Madame Antoine (first time a smart female lead does not become stupid when in love but acts smartly throughout. Charming main leads.),
Entertainer (The story was good, especially the relationship between the band members and their manager - although after the solving of the rape case it became less compelling. The love line could have easily been skipped, it was rather a nuisance than otherwise - partly the fault of the female main lead who was an eyesore and ruined all the scenes she was in. Great acting by Ji Sung),
Jackpot (the first half was really great - then the plot stalled and stagnated, and the main lead didn’t practically have any growing to do as a character. Again the love story was useless, partly because of the infuriatingly wooden female lead.)
Ms Temper and Nam Jung Gi It was insightful and at times tragic, and sent a powerful message. The totally farcical parts brought down the quality, otherwise it would be higher on the list. The main actresse’s acting was a bit wooden, though)
Solomon’s Perjury (between 2016 and 2017) (Excellent, compelling story, very well handled by the young cast, raising many important issues about parenting, about the responsibility of school and society, about ethical life choices, about responsibility and of course about what it means to become an adult)

Nice but nothing to write home about:

Bring it On Ghost (should be lauded for consistent quality from start to end, great satisfactory ending),
Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (good acting by the two attractive main leads, dreamingly gorgeous second leads, commendable writer for not making the second female lead bitchy but graceful and smart),
Woman with a Suitcase (everything pertaining to the legal part was brilliant: the criminal cases, the suspense etc. The romance between the main leads was not well handled, the male lead acted as a total jerk for all the first part, then became lame and faint on the second, and the characters didn’t change or evolve during the show)
Oh My Venus (the ending where she gained the weight again was infuriating)

Nice fluff, good for a light pleasant watch, but only once:

Shopping King Louie (Sweet and tender, but I almost got cavities from the sugariness and I wasn’t impressed with the acting)
Hwarang (ramen sageuk - as they say “spaghetti western”: very badly written with huge plotholes. Many of the actors cannot act, and the story dragged until almost the end. Infuriating modern music. and glaring continuity mistakes in hair length, costumes etc. when the leads got to be different than their “classmates” to stand out)
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Soo (laudable for the consistency from beginning to end and the nice ending),
Legend of the Blue Sea (I never got the passionate romance of present-day couple, it was lost in the comedy. I also didn’t feel any chemistry. Excellent acting by leading female, Lee Min Ho better than usual).

Completely forgettable and infuriating (I lament and resent the waste of my time):

Cinderella and the Four Knights, (the less said about it the better. A Doris Day romantic comedy of the '50s would have been more interesting and better made)
web dramas:
The Miracle, 7 first kisses, The Magic Cellphone, Spark, The Universe’s Star. They should kill the writers and directors of these, and actors or wannabe actors should steer away from these when offered. Ugh!


I am very picky when it comes to dramas/movies if they don’t get my attention on the first episode,. I will drop them no if’s about it and I won’t bother to do any work on them either. The 2 dramas in 2017 that so far has kept me watching are: DEFENDANT with Ji Sung. The story is different from other courtroom stories (just like I hear your voice) so is worth watching . But, I am waiting for it to have a few more episodes subbed bc sometimes in (English and Spanish subtitles) some things are a little off. I blame the fact that they are rushing to do the subtitles really fast and that doesn’t always work well. I have seen improvements made and that’s a relief bc I really love that drama.
‘‘The Candle in the Tomb’’ Chinese drama that had me jumping on my seat from the first episode and I really love the Indiana Jones feel to it. Some parts are funny and I have to ‘‘crack up’’ instead of feeling sorry about the scene lol.

I think that adding what you likes is very important when we request others to suggest dramas for us: I love action packed dramas/ some romance/ no tragic ending. I hate when I want 2nd lead with first lead but they always end with main lead so is disappointing.

Speaking about old dramas this picky person has fully watched
Cunning single Lady- K
COME Back Mister-K
Love forward (romance) Romance
SPRING- Chinese/ Romance/tragedy involved
‘‘ROSE’’- awesome drama.-Office romance.
Cuo Xi Yan.- Chinese (loved the so many funny scenes here)
The 100 year inheritance- korean longer episodes but loved every single episode on it
Madame Butterfly (Korean) awesome the female lead is the best!
Doctor X Japanese Loved it and it has 2nd. and 3rd part(2 and 3 those i didn’t watch).
The Girl’s Speech- High School bullying issues
Abyss of Hell (Lakorn)
‘‘Sanctuary’’ Chinese- War related very graphic and some violence/ romance involved- loved this one despite the sad ending.
‘‘Holy Battle Colour de Rose’’ Japanese- awesome drama about a woman who proves you can make your dreams come true even if you’ re married and w/children. LOVED IT! hope they still have it here.
Geet Hui Sahee - Indian/Tamil (sadly never got to see the ending bc it got deleted) I know they were working on the drama again.

Spanish Drama with English subtitles:

‘‘Grand Hotel’’. Spain- Mystery and romance.
‘‘Time In Between’’ - war related drama from Spain.
‘‘Wild Cat’’- Venezuela or mexico forgot but really good one too.
‘‘Angel or Demon’’.- Scary and really different (forgot if is from argentina or spain); Is a drama about good and evil and the lessons we learn from the things we chose to do in life good or bad. One of my faves Loved the ending!
Without Breast there’s no Paradise (the first season) really great wonderful unexpected a little sad ending but worth watching.

Autumn Concerto (taiwan)- Like always rich guy poor girl/horrible in law- Really good one.
Engagement of Love ?- Is a cute story young and old couples. Action scenes I really love to watch in dramas.
SPY MYUNG WOL: awesome spy drama/ so romantic/beautiful ending.
Empress Ki: Ha Ji Won The best actress and the main guy (I forgot his name) best actor! Long but enjoyable not dragging like long dramas. Ending is what it had to be but sad.

The dramas I watched has variety not bc I subbed them but bc I never do work in dramas I don’t care to watch myself. I love action packed dramas mixed with romance and different kinds of story happy or sad endings depending on the subject is about… I don’t stick to romance since dramas like those are soooo boring to me. I like that viki site offers variety of dramas but I noticed the movies are pushed aside and they are great too:


February 29 is a horror story
Alone. I swear as scary it is it is, laughed at some scenes. too funny. helps with the anxiety.
The Boy Alice in Wonderland: Weird but worth watching.
Whatcha wearing: A little rated R /for mature audiences i suggest 18 and up.

The Tunnel OMG…I don’t want to be under one since i saw this movie!
SILENCED (real life story) Korean movie with Gong Yoo amazing actor. Sad but need to watch story to face some real issues in life we try to avoid.

There is a movie I saw a long long time ago: EARTHQUAKE: it had to do with a high rise building I don’t remember if I watched that one here. Korean
I hope they have here TSUNAMI with HA JI WON (KOREAN) awesome awesome movie. Special effects the best.

Hope list was worth adding for some. I realized we tend to stick to one thing when viki site also has variety videos about make-up Entertainment shows etc… Venture around a whole new world can open up for you

I would love to suggest to viki site DOCUMENTARIES: animal or different customs and culture.related. Opening our eyes to the world through viki is something I’m looking forward to do in the near future. I hope they don’t leave it as a mainly K-drama’s only site. I think the reason why many sites are shut down is because they forget we live in a vast world that has so much to offer from all parts of the world and sticking to one thing (like dramas) doesn’t always work.

So far viki even has Language Learning videos (needs some more improvements) but is a start and so beneficial to many of us struggling to learn Korean.Later on will see Japanese? But for now, we do need to do some adjustment to BETA mode learning videos. Hope you like my list.

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Thank you so much for this list Hun! Ahaha I really liked Oh My Venus and honestly Heirs was such a bad drama! It was just good for the cast but other than that I would never waste my time again :sob::sparkling_heart:

Thanks for the list x

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Favorite Drama of 2016 Jealousy Incarnate:trophy:

Honourable Mentions

Beautiful Mind (Jang Hyuk’s performance)
Scarlet Heart Goryeo
Oh Hae Young Again
Cheese in the trap
Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Originality and freshness:
W (half of it)

Nothing new but still enjoyable

Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi
Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim (for Nam Gong Min’s performance)

Total Waste of Time and Money

Cinderella and Four Knights
The Miracle

Current Crush

:heart:Voice:heart: (Jang Hyuk knows how to choose his roles)

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Thanks for list! This is very helpful :sparkling_heart:

You’re list :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Thank you!! For even adding other dramas that are not Korean I appreciate that x

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You are very welcome! Is good to have variety in all phases of our life. Enjoy it!