[K-MOVIE] I need a team for "The Dude in Me" !💘 CLOSED. ONLY O.L. mods]

Hii ^-^ I’m the CM of the korean movie “The Dude in Me”.The Dude In Me is a 2019 South Korean fantasy comedy film.

:heart_exclamation: Here there is the plot::heart_exclamation:
In an unfortunate accident Dong-hyun slips from the roof of a building and falls on top of Pan-soo. Later in the hospital, the two wake up in each other’s bodies.
Link of the kmovie —> https://www.viki.com/movies/36484c-the-dude-in-me
I need a team for this project :sparkles:

First of all,I’ll say what is the current team:

I am looking for moderators of the other languages,editors,segmenter and a Korean-English subber (I think that the movie will be released by viki with the English subtitles,I’m not sure I’ll let you know,so I need one for the translation of the trailer).
If you’re interested,contact me → https://www.viki.com/messages/new?username=dramalover_742
Finally we have a name!! First of all,thanks to the ones who voted. The team is
"Oh, it’s not my body! team":heart_eyes::tada::tada:
Thanks for the attention ^-^ Oh,and THIS was my reaction when I realised I was the CM of this movie( it’s the first project in which I am the CM) :joy: :heart: