K pop idols that are also Kdrama actors



Yook SungJae from BTOB
Some dramas he’s been in:
The Village: Achiara’s Secret
School 2015

Lee MinHyuk from BTOB
Some dramas he’s been in:
Number Six
Jang Geum, Oh my Grandma!
Unexpected Heroes


Jinyoung from GOT7
Some dramas he’s been in:
He is Psychometric
School of Magic
Legend of the Blue Sea
A Stray Goat (this one is a movie)

And of course I have to add Seo KangJoon from 5urprise :smile:
Some dramas he’s been in:
Are You Human Too?
Cheese in the Trap
The Third Charm

IU (Lee JiEun) (I’m not sure if she is in a group or if she is a solo singer)
Acted in:
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
My Mister

I’m just adding the celebrities as I remember them.


What about putting the name (and group name) under each photo? And also which k-dramas each one has been in? This would be helpful for people who don’t know them all yet.
You’re still on time to edit your posts - after a while you cannot anymore.


:smile: hehe yes, I should do that. I’ve been so all over the place lately–finals are coming up…anyways, I’ll go back and edit my posts


D.O. (Doh Kyung Soo) from EXO
I’m adding him since the news of his enlistment has been circulating these past few days
Acted in:
100 Days my Prince
It’s Okay, that’s Love

Yoon Doo Joon from BEAST
Acted in:
Splash Splash Love
Radio Romance
the Let’s Eat series

Cha Eun Woo from Astro
Acted in:
My ID is Gangnam Beauty
Revenge Note 1

I realized that I’ve only been posting male idols (except for IU), but that’s because the actresses that have made a memorable impression on me and the actresses I like aren’t part of a Kpop group. The actors/idols I’m posting are ones that I can remember; they are not necessarily my ‘favorite’ actors.


Im Siwan from ZE:A
(I actually didn’t know he was in a group, but hey, you learn something new every day)
Acted in:
The Moon Embracing the Sun
The King in Love


Lee Dong Hae from Super Junior

Goodness, I was in for a shock when I realized that Dochi from Miss Panda and Hedgehog (a drama I’m currently watching) is Dong Hae from Super Junior! Looking at recent pictures, I was surprised to see the change, and I’m still having a hard time believing he is the same person

Dramas he’s acted in:
Miss Panda and Hedgehog
It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl
Skip Beat!


Byun Baek Hyun from EXO

I started rewatching Scarlet Heart (maybe not the best thing for my emotional health), and found out that Prince Eun is actually from EXO.

Dramas he’s been in:
Scarlet Heart Ryeo

And I’m back with some more actors! I can’t believe I didn’t realize some of them were in boy groups, or that the singers were actors as well.

Ken (Lee Jae Hwan) from VIXX
Acted in:
Tofu Personified

N (Cha Hak Yeon) from VIXX
Weird thing is I knew he is a part of VIXX, but adding him here didn’t occur to me.
Acted in:
Sassy Go Go
Familiar Wife
Children of Nobody

Hyuk (Han Sang Hyuk) from VIXX
Acted in:
Chasing (Kmovie)
Happy Together (Kmovie)

Lee Hongbin from VIXX
Acted in:
Wednesday 3:30PM
Witch’s Love
The Smile has Left your Eyes
Moorim School

And someone not from VIXX:

Chorong (Park Cho Rong) from APINK
Acted in:
Nine Plus Boys
Romance Special Law
A Poem a Day

T.O.P. (Choi Seung Hyun) from BIG BANG
Acted in:
Commitment (Kmovie)
I Am Sam (Kdrama)

(imo he did an amazing job in Commitment)