K-Pop Romance--What Would You Want?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been a Viki user and commenter for who knows how long, and I just found the forum part here. Super psyched by that! While I look through all the discussions, I thought I would drop this here:

We are writers making a new literary genre called K-Rom, where we take all the delicious goodness of Kdramas, and put them into novels. We’ve written our first one, and it will be published soon (called K-Love), but we wanted to pick your brains about the second one!

K-Pop is a book that’s going to be about an American girl who gets involved in the life of a K-Pop star. That leaves it pretty wide open to all kinds of Kdrama-type happenings! So my question is…

What would YOU want to read about? What would you have happen to an American girl and a K-Pop star? We’d love to get a feel for what audiences are in the mood for! :slight_smile:

Thanks to you, and have a k-tastic week!


It would be a story full of heartbreak. Who would like to date a k-pop star?

  • Forever hiding for fear of a scandal ruining his career,
  • forever anxious and jealous of all the fans pursuing him,
  • forever feeling apologetic because he is paranoid that everyone wants him for his fame and money, and his parents even more suspicious and aggressive,
  • forever upset because a k-drama star is like a spoiled child thinking he’s owed everything and does not even think that he also has to make an effort to make the relationship work.
    Plus of course the crazy schedules. You have to drop everything you do, your jobs, hobbies, friends and families to adjust to his schedule, and your needs are always less important than his.
    And, last but not least, you’d have to listen to boring, repetitive k-pop all the time. A little bit is OK, but if dating such a person, listening to A LOT of k-pop is a given.

No thanks! For a Western woman at least, this kind of life is living hell.


That is certainly a less romantic take on things, lol! Those are good obstacles for us to keep in mind, though, so thank you!

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About a year or so ago there was a Korean “reality” show called roommates in which a bunch of Korean celebrities, many of whom didn’t know each other previously, are put into a big house to live together. What was interesting was that there was a member of a girl’s group and one member of a boy’s group. These two youngsters seemed to never get more than four or five hours of sleep, nor did they get to eat decent meals. The rest of the roommates would eat family style, taking turns and would enjoy meals together and outings together. If a roommate was an actor the rest would visit the actor on set when they were free… But the ones in the k-pop ground would come home at 2 or 3 in the morning and be gone before breakfast everyday. The female would be eating in bed, all the time, she would suddenly get up, eat a pastry in bed, and then fall asleep. The show also showed how the male in the boy group previously lived in a tiny apartment with about 5 members of his enormously successful group – they all slept on the floor of one room and usually had ramen for dinner and I wondered where did all the money go?

Oh, thank you for this! I noticed something similar when I watched the EXO Showtime–they are so successful, and yet the money doesn’t really come back to them the way it does for American stars. I will watch that, and see if I can get a good feel for things! I know that Korean pop stars are run ragged in reality. Most likely, in our fictional universe, it will be a little more…rosy.