K-variety gone for Europe?

I was just having a break and decided to continue where I left of with my little old boy, just to discover it had been restricted. Not only that one, but also shows like Running man and Masters in the house. I see people panicking in the comments… we don’t even have the option of Viki Pass Plus.

Any ideas on what is happening? (In the meanwhile I’ll request the license)


Somebody posted in one of the topics here in the Discussions a blog link of some sort addressing precisely that, but now I can’t find it…


Not all of them, just the ones produced by KOCOWA. You now need a Viki Pass Plus to watch them, which sadly, isn’t available in Europe.


I think I read something like that, that you needed Viki Plus to watch certain shows and that it would be implemented Jan 18th, but, this was so sudden and I thought it would be implemented for the countries that had the Viki plus system. I mean, we don’t even have that option here… :disappointed_relieved:

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You know that there is an official YT channel for KBS available in Europe?


Yes I do, but I don’t watch many of their shows. :slight_smile:

also see these here