[K-Variety] Mnet - I Can See Your Voice

Are you watching this? You should, it’s fun :blush:
I’ll give an overview if you’re wanting one (below).

Please don’t ask for links to watch (if you end up wanting to). Just search the title and ‘English sub’ and you should be able to find it easily.


Overview / How it works

We have 7 people/contestants each episode(the first few episodes have a couple more) who come on and try to ‘prove’ that they’re good singers. Well, some of them are pretty good, and some of them are kind of tone-deaf. The person guessing whether they can sing or not is a famous singer (Kim Bum Soo, Kim Tae Woo, Baek Ji Young, etc.) The guest singer and the final contestant sing a duet together, and sometimes it’s super beautiful. (Sometimes it’s not.)

There are three rounds each episode. After each round, the guest singer chooses to eliminate two contestants who they think are tone-deaf. They both sing - sometimes it’s moving, sometimes it’s super surprising, sometimes it’s funny, and sometimes it’s a little painful to listen to…

  1. [Visual] You get to look at all the contestants and their sometimes odd outfits. Sometimes we get some performances. And then you watch a video clip of each contestant singing, but you don’t get to hear any of it. Except for a brief millisecond.
  2. [Lipsync] Each contestant lipsyncs to a song. Skilled singers are lipsyncing to their own voices, while tone-deaf contestants are singing to someone else’s voice.
  3. [Q&A] The guest has 100 seconds to ask the remaining contestants questions, in the hopes of catching them off guard or in a lie, etc.

Oh, one more thing to note. Skilled singers can’t lie about anything, whereas the tone-deaf contestants can (and essentially have to) to trick us all into thinking they’re really good at singing.

Thoughts and Opinions

I was browsing for some variety shows to watch, when I can across this gem. It takes a few episodes for the show to get its format set, but all the episodes so far have been fun to watch. I used to try to guess along with who could or couldn’t sing. And the thing I realized after a few episodes was that despite all the clues you’re given, for the most part, you can’t tell who can and can’t sing. And isn’t that the truth? The show may be called “I Can See Your Voice,” but we can’t really see that.

I love seeing people who sort of defy the expectations. When the guest singer and guest panel insist that someone can’t sing, I root for them all that much more XD It’s just sort of amazing to see all these talented people too. Because despite having some contestants who are involved in musical activities/careers, a lot of them kept singing as a hobby, and they’re just so good. In that way, it is also a bit of a shame when you see them sing and think about how they’re not singers.

Also, major props to the tone-deaf contestants who go on the show. I mean, I want their singing portions to be kept to a minimum, but still. It takes a lot of confidence to be able to stand on a stage and sing when you can’t sing. (And if a tone-deaf contestant lasts until the end, I think they get some prize money too.)

HAHAHA I saw this on MNet’s YT account and fell in love.

If the tone-deaf person lasts till the end stage they get quite a bit of money, if a singer lasts, they get a chance to record a single with the celebrity guest.

It’s always interesting to see singers guilt-tripping the celebs when they go on the ‘Truth Stage’. I especially loved the fencer xD AHAHAHHA the celeb was like…“No, I can’t watch this, PLEASE~~~NO MORE!!!”

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like it! thank you letting us know