[K-Variety] "Wizard of Nowhere": Recruiting segs, subs, mods

Wizard of Nowhere is a fun Korean variety show about celebrities traveling around the world, immersing themselves in the culture, and meeting local people. It’s still on air with 30 episodes so far, but we’ve only just begun to sub it.

I have a really small team, so I am looking for segmenters, subbers of all languages, and moderators. Experience is preferred! Particularly for segmenting and translating Korean to English, variety shows are more difficult and time consuming than dramas. But we will give anyone a chance, if they are willing to learn!

If interested, please contact the moderators for existing languages, or the channel manager for all others.

EDIT: We especially need good Kor-Eng subbers!


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This sounds interesting, i can be a English moderator of someone is still needed as i’m a native English speaker.Would it be best for me to PM you.

@catgirl10_483 Thanks for the offer! To be a moderator, you’re supposed to have at least 3000 subtitles. Do you know Korean? Ideally a mod would know either Korean and English, or English and _____ (their designated language). That way, they can make sure that not only is the subtitle grammatically correct and natural sounding, but also conveying the intent of the original content.

If you know Korean, would you be willing to subtitle with us until you hit 3000? If not, how about segmenting?

Thanks again for the response!

Okay i will get more experience first, and i would say i would help with the segmenting but i’m currently learning segmenting and i think once i finish the ninja segmenting academy i will be in the best place to take on projects, but i don’t want to create mediocre segments as that’s not fair.
Best of luck with the project and hope that later we get to work together.


Not to be catty*, but if you want to be recruited as English moderator/editor, be careful of things like putting the pronoun “I” in uppercase or separating sentences with commas and full stops. People will notice those.

*The pun was unintended. But after all, we both seem to be cat people!

Yes, your point was was made, it’s bad i didn’t use any punctuation at all.
I am always up for correction to my grammar and I found your pun amusing.

Also do you know how to get your computer to turn a “i” into a “I”, because my new computer doesn’t seem to do that/.

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Thanks for being a good sport!

“Turn an i into an I” with a computer? You mean automatic auto-correct?
I don’t know which browser you use, but both in Opera and in Firefox (I think in others as well) there is a spellchecker add-on which is immensely helpful. I have it on all the time and I can switch languages very easily. When I edit subtitles it underlines any problematic word in red. It doesn’t catch 100% of the errors in all languages, but still it’s good for when there is a letter missing etc. because it’s easy to not notice such small things.
It won’t correct errors automatically, only programs such as MS Word can do that. But it will at least give you a signal that you have to do something about it.

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Hi! I’m interested in joining the team, either as an English editor or a French subber, if you still need people! I’m fluent in both languages and currently doing a masters in translation.
I can finally go back to doing some subbing on here, so I’m looking for new projects :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I just sent you a message.

I can segment! I can also do English editing if needed since it’s my first language. Hopefully this isn’t too late.

I don’t know if you need a Spanish moderator but I can be it and if not a subber would be fine. Thanks anyway.


Hello! I am very interested in subtitling or proofing in English. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


If you need French subtitle or english I can I’m a native speaker feel free to contact me if you want ^^ !

I can segment, I have done about 1200 in the past but I will defiantly be a little rusty. I’m willing to help if your willing to give me a chance.

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can you help me

Hello! This show sounds so cool do you guys still need subbers for English, Korean, or Chinese?