Kdramas fan channels that FANS WANT LICENSED - We’re hiring now!


BAD NEWS TO SHARE :sob::rage:


It’s already licensed at our hateful COMPETITOR N_T_L_X
The worst thing… It will have 3 seasons.

Season 1 available in 2019
Season 2 available in 2020
And Season 2 to be in 2021

It’ll be a HIT for sure!
I have to see it somewhere else…



Ooooh… What about AFTER they air it? We don’t have a chance, you think?


Not a chance.
Apparently the 3 seasons will be only available at the other site

So we get nothing T,T


Sigh! …
Oh well, others will come.


Is it just me?
Or I get this bad feeling that our competitor is REALLY securing the good dramas already and beforehand.
We’re losing the most expected dramas of the year.
I am already scared for what’s to come…:fearful:
Only a few left…


They obviously have a bigger budget. Rakuten is a big company too, but they may have a limit on how much they want to spend for Viki. :frowning:


Sigh… Thank you for letting us know.
I have a feeling they must have planned for it a long time.

I think you were right in your earlier comment, that Viki needs to start negotiating their contracts earlier.


I am still hoping that Viki will get Advisor/Aide.

Lee Jung-Jae back in Dramaland is huge in my book. And Shin Min-Ah also has huge following.
Here on Viki, she has over 27,000 followers!


Okay, May is already gone and Viki already created the channels they will offer us.

I guess we have to be fast…
From all June dramas, what channels VIKI must create and get them licensed somehow.:pensive:
I know we can have every single channel here but getting the most expected ones makes a difference.

This is the remaining June K-dramas so far


JUNE 3, 2019

  • Partners for Justice 2 | 검법남녀 시즌2 (MBC)
    Confirmed Cast: Noh Min Woo, Jung Jae-Young, Jung Yoo-Mi and Oh Man-Seok, Kang Seung Hyun

JUNE 3, 2019

  • Perfume | 퍼퓸 (KBS)
    Confirmed Cast: Shin Sung Rok, Kim Min Kyu, Go Won Hee, Cha Ye Ryun, AOA’s Hyejeong

JUNE 5, 2019

  • Search: WWW | 검색어를 입력하세요: WWW (tvN)
    Confirmed Cast: Im Soo Jung, Jang Ki Yong, Lee Da Hee

JUNE 8, 2019

  • Joseon Survival | 조선생존기 (TV Chosun)
    Confirmed Cast: Kang Ji Hwan, Kyung Soo Jin, Song Won Seok And Park Se Wan

Which ones Viki should secure? Before someone else takes it from us.
Which ones have higher chance to be here?
Make your choice :slight_smile:


Good bye Vagabond drama :dizzy_face::no_mouth:



I’m starting to think that, whenever there are more than one contenders, Netflix takes precedence?
I mean, our only chance are dramas Netflix is NOT interested on to begin with?


Thanks for tagging! :sob: :sob: :sob:
NF is getting bigger and bigger, at least I’ll be able to watch it on a legal site.


In my opinion VIKI must try to secure Search: WWW
Jang Ki Yong’s international fans are dying to see his next project so soon.

JUNE 5, 2019

Search: WWW | 검색어를 입력하세요: WWW (tvN)**
Confirmed Cast: Im Soo Jung, Jang Ki Yong, Lee Da Hee**
Keep requesting the license only


Here some teasers already


Take into consideration that this is LEE DONG WOOK’S new OCN drama

’Hell Is Other People’


tvN Crash Landing of Love


Okay… Viki managed to secure 3 dramas for June :+1::clap:


ONLY 1 month left
Let’s move on to JULY now.

Which JULY dramas do you think VIKI must license?
Let’s try to be picky about them since Viki might not be able to license all of them (there are too many)


  • Hotel Del Luna | 호텔델루나 (tvN)
    Confirmed Cast: IU, Yeo Jin Goo, PO, Mina

  • Love Affairs in the Afternoon 평일 오후 세시의 연인 (Channel A)
    Confirmed Cast: Park Ha Sun, Lee Sang Yeob, Ye Ji Won, And Jo Dong Hyuk

  • Justice | 저스티스 (KBS2TV)
    Confirmed Cast: Choi Jin Hyuk, Son Hyun Joo, Nana, Park Sung Hoon

  • Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryun | 신입사관 구해령 (MBC)
    Confirmed Cast: Shin Se Kyung, ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo, Lee Ji Hoon, Park Ji Hyun, Park Ki Woong

  • Melo Suits Me | 멜로가 체질 (JTBC)
    Confirmed Cast: Chun Woo Hee, Jeon Yeo Bin, Han Ji Eun, Gong Myung, Ahn Jae Hong, Lee Yoo Jin

  • Doctor Room | 닥터룸 (SBS)
    Confirmed Cast: Ji Sung, Lee Se Young, Lee Kyu Hyung

  • Golden Garden | 황금 정원 (MBC)
    Confirmed Cast: Han Ji Hye And Lee Sang Woo, Oh Ji Eun, and Lee Tae Sung

  • Welcome 2 Life | 웰컴2라이프 (MBC)
    Confirmed Cast: Bi Rain, Lim Yi Jeon, Kwak Si Yang


I think VIKI should try to secure…

Hotel Del Luna | 호텔델루나 (tvN)
Confirmed Cast: IU, Yeo Jin Goo, PO, Mina

The international Fan Base is HUGE to pass this drama.

Hoping our competitor didn’t secure it yet


New teaser:

Hotel Del Luna | 호텔델루나 (tvN)
Confirmed Cast: IU, Yeo Jin Goo, PO, Mina