Kmusic fans in the process of voting to try to bring more Kmusic concerts to North America and world wide

Fans of EXO, BTS, IKON and many more groups are voting on to bring kpop concerts to North America and world wide. I am not specifically promoting MMT, just letting people know we are voting to bring kpop groups and other korean music genre groups to our favorite cities or bring them back. MMT does not guarantee that a group will come even though fans finish the voting process but this year we were able to get EXO to Dallas. The one I am participating in is MMT EXO Dallas. We had a lot of fun this year. If you decide to go over to the site to register don’t be put off by the part of registration that asks for a credit card you can use a phone number instead of the credit card number. Voting at the site gives these groups some sort of idea how many people are willing to go to a concert and for how much. If this breaks any rules of Viki please remove thank you.

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