[Known issue] Episodes listed as "coming soon" while later episodes posted and subtitled?

I don’t understand this? Am I missing something? Is it because I’m only on the standard pass? Is there something else going on?

I would like to add I thought I was able to watch some of the “coming soon” soon and got to episode 5. I believe I did watch episode 2 and 3 with no issue until it finally cut me off at 5?


Now that’s odd, never saw this before. The only thing I can think of Viki is replacing old episode files for new files at random.


It’s probably like dudie mentioned right now for me all videos seem to be there.

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idk for me (South Asia) all the episodes are ok except the last ten which are locked under Viki Pass Standard

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Well for me Europe maybe minus UK

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All episodes are available in the UK with English subtitles at 100% on all of them.

There really is some weird stuff going on at the moment I think in some cases, some stuff is incorrectly being marked as not available in your region when it should be as well. I think it has something to do with the fact that we are in a weird transition phase between the old and new show page systems. I have reported that this is happening. Although so far this only relates to content that is listed in the coming soon section as far as I can see.

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Thanks everyone. Yeah it seems it was a temporary issue. Maybe they were migrating videos and hadn’t updated all the links yet.

And it’s back!


Now I can see it too


did your setup change to the new style or did it just occur randomly?

Hi all, this is a known issue at Viki and our engineers are currently investigating.

We appreciate all of you weighing in with your experience. Stay tuned for updates!


Still old style. The last time I checked it was okay, this time when you posted that it re-occured I checked again and had the same issue but since Viki stated it is known, we will need to wait on the techies to fix it.

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