Korean to Hindi subbing tips/suggestions


I doubt I can react like her! That would need big work on myself! I’m totally impressed.

Irmar and Sandeep can forgive each other, that’s a pretty good ending from my perspective :grin:

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He. But yes, I was impressed as well. I’ve become a fan (even more than before).


Are you sure? On Sandeep’s profile it says “Female”… :thinking:


Really? I never noticed. I said this because Sandeep a male name.

Based on popular usage, it is 16.693 times more common for Sandeep to be a boy’s name .

See here , here and here.

But it seems that nowadays, once in a while (very rarely) it can be given to a girl.
Namepadia says:

Gender of firstname Sandeep is 8% feminine and 92% masculine.

Okay, today I learned a new thing!


Irene, you are not alone in that assumption. I get “Mr” plenty of times :slight_smile:
In Hindu religion, Sandeep/Sundeep is 100% male name.

Whereas in Sikh religion, we have names that are used for male/female without any distinction. One way to find out if it belongs to female is to see if they have middle or last name as KAUR. Males will have SINGH as last or middle name.
Some people don’t use their caste last names so then you have to ask if it is male or female since name will just be -SANDEEP SINGH…


@irmar @sandeepsandhu @mirjam_465
Actually, this is a fun field to know more about. I lived in Punjab for two years and had so many friends with the same name but different surnames.

As Sandeep said, looking at the surname is the only way to figure out the gender. Males and females from the same family have different surnames, the males have Singh and females have Kaur.
But, for families who are not Sikhs or not from Punjab but have the surname Singh, then the entire family has the surname Singh and no distinction is made between male and female surnames.

I had a friend and her name and her siblings’ name were in this logic:

Elder sister: Man+jeet+Kaur = Manjeet Kaur
Younger Brother: Param+jot+Singh= Manjot Singh

Her: Paramjeet Kaur


So there is no-one in India with another surname than either Kaur or Singh? :thinking:
That would make looking in the phonebook rather complicated …


LOL. India has different religions and different castes so we have plenty of different surnames. Generally speaking, you can tell which state/area/religion a person belongs to by their last names. Most Sikh people are in North west area of India. Also generally speaking, people use their caste surnames - so my full name is Sandeep Kaur Sandhu. Sandhu being last name/ surname/ caste name . All Sikh girls will have KAUR as middle name and all Sikh boys have SINGH as middle name. That is due to religion.
It is complicated due to caste system too. A person might be Sikh but not from upper caste so they might not use their last name, instead it will just be like this – SANDEEP KAUR or SANDEEP SINGH. Also I have noticed that Sikh people use SANDEEP (for male and female) and Hindus use SUNDEEP (male only) so that also helps sometimes to see if it is a male or female.


Sorry about that! It doesn’t help that you have a man as an avatar. My eyesight is not the best, and I had to zoom in to see that it was Yoo Ah In from Chicago Typewriter and not you.


That happens a lot here! We also have men with a woman as avatar. :wink:


oh my the second you said you were Sikh I realised it’s a female name :sweat_smile: sorry, I thought wrong too before.

:joy: I bet…like Sandeep said, names are either area-religion or just area based. Since I’m a Christian, a lot of us have first/second English-y/ Hebrew names and last name/ surname depending on the area we’re from. That’s not a rule though, we can have totally Indian names which don’t depend on religion, only birthplace. Two generations before mine, my family had three names-- the first an English name, the second Indiian and the last was the surname.
Personally, if I have kids someday I would name them completely Indian names. We’re Indians, why have foreign names?


I thought perhaps your phonebook would be like in Iceland … where you have to search based on given names instead of surnames. But that probably doesn’t work in India either. :joy:

Do you already have names in mind? :stuck_out_tongue:


HAHA no. :joy: though when I hear a nice name I’m like “ooh this is a nice one I can use while screaming my head off one day!” :joy:


Maybe you should write them all down. Otherwise, when the moment is there, you might have a black-out and just call your kid John or Jane. :rofl:


or that other thing couples do: mix their own names like their genes did and present the elite mix to the wild and wonderful world :rofl:


So in your case it would be Joondrea or An Gi! :stuck_out_tongue:


I see what you did there :no_mouth: