Language Problem O.O

I was trying to translate an episode of a drama, but I noticed that all the languages, including english disappeared…Am I the only one who have this kind of problem? O.O

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I noticed the same. It only shows me one language per episode and usually that language is something else than english (Portuguese, Hebrew etc.) so I think it is only showing the language with smallest percentage of completion…

Just now got an notification from Channel Manager of My Love From the Star saying that episodes have lost subtitles. This seems to be a bigger issue…

Oh my…>___< That’s a reaaaally big problem! D:

I hope they find a way to fix it >___<

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Countless dramas have missing subtitles right now. I hope they are able to fix this issue, otherwise a lot of work might have gone down the drain.

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Agree, that ´s really troublesome… Hope they can fix this problem soon

Same problem for me…But I notice that it happens when someone traslate or edit the subtitles…I was editing an episode and the english subtitles have disappeared but not mine (Italian subtitles), I notice the same in other drama, when someone try to traslate or edit all the others languages disappear but not yours…

So maybe the problem occurs only when someone is in the middle of translating? That would explain why older episodes and movies have survived intact…

Thats true. I was working on an old drama a couple of minutes ago, when I finished my part, I saw that the subs from all other languages disappeared, the only one remaining intact was mine.

Yes, and the only language that remain is the one that someone was traslating/editing. Few minute ago it happens again with “In a Good Way” Episode 7, a traslator is still working on it, but you can see the others languages are disappeared!

I have the same problem with Hero. I have made one line translation and suddenly all subs went missing. Only my language left. I almost died of heart attack. I am sure I didn’t do anything wrong but still. OMG:(

Weird bug…
Anyone reported it yet?

Subs don’t seem to be lost though, just not displaying. In the sub editor, if you set “translating to” to English (or whatever language has subs), they still show up there.

Says it’s only subbed in one language.

Says the same thing in the language manage menu.
(Note, this episode has four parts. First part supposedly only has one language, so everything drops from 100 to 75%)

But the subs are there in the sub editor, when viewing them under “language to.”

I did. Just noticed that it also happened with Bu Bu Jing I was translating.

Yes right, in Bulk Traslation subtitles appear, luckily!
Maybe nothing is lost! XD That’s a relief!

@scircus some dramas like Madly in love I can’t see anything even in the sub editor. I was working on it yesterday night, and I could see the eng subs in the sub editor, today when I opened it, the eng subs are all blank like if it was never subbed.

@tcruz Which episodes? Hope that’s another…glitch? though, and nothing’s been lost D:

That would be horrible … I mean all the subbers spend a lot of time with translating… I hope they aren’t lost T-T

The last 2 or 3. The same happened to Prime Minister and I, the only subs available to translate from is Hebrew ;(
I hope viki can figure out why this is happening.

It seems the subs are coming back =) I’m watching a Word from Warm Heart, episode 10 (also affected by the missing subs situation) and everything seems to be working fine.

The same for Hero. YAY!

They fixed it! ^O^