Legend of the blue sea again

someone mentioned something in the other link about a hybird,and thought I might say something, this is way out there somewhere so do bear with me. I watched a show called the mermaid, I won’t go into detail about the movie, but one thing came up I thought would be interesting to share.
all down to this mermaid, land dweller, had a baby! so who is to say could our guy be a descendant somehow, hybird?? , awwww, maybe I am looking at it wrong too. the first couple of episodes doesn’t hint at that anyway. so whats the connection then? Te mom that disappeared whats with that,? the bracelet, still wonder abut that, notice the vases, hmmmm, very curious is all I am saying the guy with the bad teeth, he knows something but won’t tell. keep it up writers! love this, don’t disappoint me !
alien from another world??? had to throw that in

Need help…!!
What is the name of the music played
Episode 1 27:10
I tried finding it on YouTube but didn’t get it

hmmmm I will look and see.