Let's talk about Viki's "Reviews" category...🤨

So I’m sure we’ve all browsed through Viki’s thousands of dramas and when we find one that reeeeaallly catches our eyes and we look at the reviews… they’re just all spams of hearts? (Like this: :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:) Now, I’m not talking about every single channel on Viki, but a lot of the reviews on dramas are just… SUPER unhelpful. When I read reviews, I want to actually see what other people thought about the show and then decide if it fits my tastes. I’m not here to read a review full of a thousand spamming hearts or emojis.

When I actually read the “FLAGGED” reviews, they are legit reviews! And the reviews literally give a good overview. I just don’t seem to understand why the actual reviews themselves all get flagged (which btw is a pain because a. I have to click on it to see what it is and b. on the most popular dramas, the majority of the reviews are flagged for no reason???). Anyway, sorry, mini rant over. I just reallyreallyreallyreallyreally hope Viki can take some action on these reviews and maybe only allow… legitimate drama reviews.


I actually decide mostly on “gut feeling” whether to watch a drama or not. If I read the reviews, it’s often after watching, to see if I agree with what’s written. :joy:
But you are right: there’s a lot of crappy reviews out there. Like people just saying that they are looking forward to the drama! That’s not a review … :roll_eyes:


Yes please Lord save us from those kinds of reviews… :joy:
I am also forced to go with my gut feeling, lol! But if I look hard enough, I will find like 1 or 2 really good and detailed reviews


Your question is legit and has been going on for 5 years apparently.

Here’s a thread which gathers the essence of all of the frustrations of this community around the so-called reviews:


I apologize, I couldn´t find that far down! Thank you for the trend, it IS a very frustrating topic :roll_eyes:

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