License process


Questions & Answers from Viki:

  1. If we make a mistake while filling the licensing request form (in the title, in the type of show or the living country) and we want to fill it again with good data, does the 2nd time count?

“Please note that these requests are reviewed manually. If there was an error in your submission, you are welcome to write to us and let us know, and we can forward it to the appropriate person.”

>2) Is it 1 request/IP adress or is it 1 request/account or both?

Undirect answer from another post:

Direct answers:

“I have also verified that we do make sure not to count votes from the same IP, as it dilutes the scope.”

“A different IP address would count as a separate vote.”

>3) Can we (volunteers on Viki) subtitle this article about "How does Viki license content?" in other languages like French? And link it to posts / send it to people if needed?

“Yes, you are welcome to translate the article.”

>License process:

"There are many factors that are taken into account when looking at potential shows to license. This includes title requests as another measurement we look at.

With all these different factors, please note that we have licensed shows in the past that have had many title requests submitted, as well as ones that had fewer submitted. Our content and licensing team definitely take a look at these requests, as it is a way they can gauge community interest."