Licensed Regions?

Where do you go in your channel to find out the regions where your channel is licensed? I have a drama and a movie that are licensed but I don’t know the regions?

Sometimes It is posted in the wall. But I am not certain about that. Viki should make a list whether the series is available in your region or not.

VIki should PM you about where it’s licensed. That’s what they always do to me.

If you are sure they are licensed and didn’t get any info, you should contact Viki and ask. I wouldn’t know another way.
If the info is written on the wall, then it’s is written by the team to 99,99%

They don’t always tell you, depending on when the channel is licensed.
You can PM one of the community managers to find out, like brovo or dee. Just tell them what channel, maybe link to it, and ask where it’s licensed. They’ll usually get back within a few days.

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Thank you, I’ll be sure to ask…