Licensing Indian Movies?

I was just wondering, but there was a period of time when Viki was able to license some Indian movies, but then that stopped. Why exactly? There are tons of awesome Indian movies out there, and it’s just not possible to make a fan channel for every one, because videos tend to get deleted - almost always sooner or later then all the hard work that’s been put in is lost, making the people who made those channels reconsider applying for a channel again. Is it difficult to get a license for it?
Even though when a movie comes out in India it’s pretty much seen by every Indian who’s able to access a theatre within 2 months of its release, and within 3 months of its release it’ll be shown on cable TV.
I just wish Viki would continue trying to get licenses for good movies.
Does anyone else feel the same way? Is there a movie you’d like to be licensed so that you can actually understand what’s being said?

For me, movies I really want to Viki to work on are:

Singham (the first one which released 2 years ago, loved it)
Welcome (I’ve seen it so many times until the CD has scratches all over it and stopped working)

I can’t think of more names now (since most of the movies I like are a bit older) but there are just so many out there, and I really wish Viki would try to keep getting licenses for them.


It would be awesome if they could get “Ek villain” . It’s a new movie and a remake of the Korean " I saw the devil".

Loved it !!

I miss Indian movies on viki it would be great to have them :pensive::pensive::pensive:


Noticed Indian movies on the cover page ^^


Which ones?

Yes @dramaaaaa and @MusicROSE! We just licensed a bunch of Indian movies that can be found here:

I hope you both enjoy them and maybe even join the Channel teams :smile:

@dee: Will Viki license some classic/old ones like Mohabbatein, Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham? Granted, I love Shah Rukh Khan’s acting skills.
Oh and ‘My Name is Khan’ would be great if it gets license too!

@auroratasya We just licensed a huge collection of Bollywood movies, so I can’t really say what others we’ll be getting in the future. Hopefully, it’s the ones you mentioned!! :smile:

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Hi everyone!

Please look at this topic:

The Spuul movies are now ready for subtitling! I’ve also added a new Bollywood category in Discussions.

Thanks so much :smile: