Limited New K-Drama selection in UK

Am I the only one kinda sad about this? I know in US, recently released dramas are available to watch on Viki. I’ve heard of a lot of great titles being released like a few months back like Suspicious Partner, My Sassy Girl, Live Up to Your Name Dr. Heo, etc but they’re not available within my country, and I know it’s because not enough people on the UK or something requested for these shows. I guess it’s just me ranting but obviously I would want to watch these shows on Viki cos I pay £4.99 monthly for the crisp HD and the live comments. It’s just a shame that only one or two new Korean drama titles get put up on Viki (for the UK region) and most of them are from KBS and quite frankly not my type of drama. I kinda wish more tvN dramas get put up here and OCN dramas and other JTBC titles and some MBC ones too… Again, I’m just ranting and just want to know if anyone else is on the same boat as me. Like Signal is not even available in my country and I know that was such a popular drama back in 2016… Why do US get all the good dramas? sobs for eternity

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USA doesn’t always get all the dramas. I wasn’t able to see Goblin and there are a lot of dramas I still can’t watch and it bothers me bc i do a lot of volunteer work here, whenever I can.

I think maybe your country has restriction or won’t pay the fee needed. Remember all this sites are about making money, not losing.

Btw, my fave dramas are from TVN, they are perfect in my book. From KBS, I like their shows about real life situations. They make me cry so much! (From TVN and KBS; I see this two somewhere else, not here at viki). Can’t/ Won’t mention them here because is not right to do so.

I understand your frustration, and I hope someday you can have closure and see all the dramas offered here at viki/rakuten site. the best of luck and like the saying goes ‘‘never lose hope’’

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Well, I live in Germany and it seems we get a bit more dramas then your country.
I am not always sure though, if it is a license for Europe/Germany though or QC related, I normally do not check if that is the case…

Have you ever thought about volunteering at Viki? QC at times have more access, but without a promise that your favorite drama will be among them.

I watched SUSPICIOUS PARTNER here. But MY SASSY GIRL and LIVE UP TO YOUR NAME/ DESERVING OF THE NAME have no license here and for the latter one, it is not known where the license went, or if it even was sold. The American Market is more attractive for Korean, since they lost the Chinese market, this is a golden opportunity for them launching Kocowa, but for us European there is no access in the near future.


You already watched “Live up to your name”? How was it? On Viki?

I haven’t watched it yet but I heard it’s doing well in ratings right now in Korea so I’m guessing it’s really good

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Deserving of the name really is a good drama. It’s one of the few dramas I feel really sorry for starting watching on air. I’ll probably end up watching twice or thrice each episode. <3

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I know. As expected, tvN drama! :+1:t2: I haven’t looked at a drama yet but it reminds me of Dr. Jin.