List of dramas that have (recently) lost their American license

I thought it would be helpful to list them so we know and maybe we can request them to be added again. I’ll list a few I know and if you know of anymore let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

To the Beautiful You (Hana Kimi Korean Version)

Shut Up! Flower Boy Band

Arang and the Magistrate

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Reply 1997

Dr. Jin

Twelve Men in a Year

Medical Top Team

Glass Mask

Golden Time

The Great Doctor

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I think running a listserv like spam mail to people who enjoyed the show eould be productive when the license is up. Is there a way of collecting these email/usernames and spamming people (with an opt out button of course)?
for one 응7 and 응 anything will be in demand by all Korean language viewers. I loved Golden Time. 신의 was done by the dar jang geum pd before he committed suicide under allegations of embezzzlement. Still so wonderfully done.
new heart’s license expires on the 30th of March.
i never thought you could lose your license. I think I always expected them to be on viki forever.
I know that it might be against the spirit of viki. But have we ever considered selling our subs to make a 1080pixel dvd of said series? Our subs are sometimes superior to the hardsubs provided by the broadcast companies. I would pay for some. Cuz I watch them over and over again.

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It’d be good if Viki could do a filter or list for dramas that are about to be expired. Sort of the opposite of the coming soon. So people can watch the shows before it’s too late.


Thanks for this! Otherwise I wouldn’t know about it.

My favorites here are Gaksital, Arang, and Shut Up!. I can’t believe they’ll be gone from Viki. Like someone mentioned, I thought they’d be here forever so I could re-watch them whenever I want. It’s not the case, it seems. I’ll have to re-watch them sooner than planned…before the expiration date.


Seriously 각시탈 is gone?! It is seriously one of the most beautifully made dramas since 2000! I’ve been watching since then.
MV, plotline, all the cleverly written metaphors that correspond with true history. It was just beautiful!!
Could we sign up for it?!

You probably should go to the help section and read the viki guidelines . They could be helpful for you.
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I think these guidelines should be mandated when joining viki. It would help a lot of people.
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mm i’ve been lurking on Viki since 2006. Though inclusivity is good? I think it’s really discouraging when things are demanded from you. Like about why subtitling is slow etc.
I just read both posts, and not much seemed to have changed. Just a few specificities to call out abuse?

Oh, sorry, I guess I messed up. I was responding to another post. My apologies.