List of videos that needs to be segmented atm?

Just wanted to know if there is any dramas/music videos or sort that needs help with segmenting? Hopefully this can be helpful for people who wants to do some segmenting as well.

there is a drama I working on called ugly duckling but you have to ask the Channel Manager and i think they have other projects

I think this has been mentioned before, but to reiterate.

Most music channels don’t have a designated team (of course, check their page to see if they say anything). So you’re usually free to segment and/or translate music videos as you like. You can always message a manager or mod to be sure.

As for dramas. You have two options with finding projects. You can either search up dramas you’re interested in (or browse around until you find one), and message the manager of moderator about helping. They’ll get back to you with a yes/no and some details or whatever.

Or you can just check the project category on the forum and see if anyone’s looking for segmenters. I’m also compiling a list of projects that I see here that need segmenters here, so you can look through that too.

I have an Australian series called Dance Academy that needs segmenting ASAP. There are 70+ episodes and 7 clips of music. Favorite the channel and contact one of the Moderators for where to start. or jump ahead to an episode around 10 or so but just post which episode your doing on the comment page.