Log in issues

So I have had the same issue for months now, I cannot normally log into Viki.
I was wondering if anyone knows what’s causing it or has the same issue?

If I fill in my username and password and click on submit the page just refreshes.
The only way I can actually log in by requesting to change my password and after doing that I am automatically send to the homepage.


Same happened to me for about three months and forced me almost to abandon the translation and subbing project I was working on.
I figured recently out though what causes this login issue.
It is caused by the recaptcha that fails to load in the login page.
If the script that runs the recaptcha is for any reason interrupted, ( keep in mind that it loads reaaalllllyyyy sloooooowwwww) then the login page doesn’t log you in but simply refreshes.

In other words, it seems that the recaptcha is there in order to prevent already registered members from login into viki! lol

That kind of fail…

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