Looking for a series,can’t remember the name

I’m looking for a series , I don’t know the name**. Please help me** :cry: . It’s about a girl who gets separated from her family after her sister puts her into the back of strong texta carpet truck that gets into an accident. She loses her memory and is taken in by a struggling single mother. When the mom reads about her, the daughter pumps her for all kinds of information so she can go and take her place because the family she comes from is wealthy and they are the number #1 embroidery company in the business. I hope this is familiar to someone because I would enjoy seeing it again.

Is this a Chinese series? If so, it may be the one called “Because of Meeting You.”

It’s a Korean drama (Come! Jang Bo Ri) 2014
and there is a Chinese remak for it (Because of You) 2017

one was Rooftop Prince, not sure though, she didn’t have much to do with embroidery except a handkerchief. one thing is her sister did put her in a truck, there was an accident, and she did lose her memory #2 her legend, #3 beautiful inheritance

#4 Because of you ;summary, Because Of You is premised on an age-old drama trope – little rich girl gets lost , loses her memories and evil second female lead assumes her life. However, it manages to inject some freshness and vitality to this theme