Looking for HINDI subbers for Love O2O (cdrama)

Hello! I’m looking for Hindi subbers for the drama Love020.
Total eps 30.

hello I’m interested

hello! sakhi here. I am interested
Earlier I have completed 2 projects. Will be glad to work with you!!

hello I’m interested

Want to subtitle? Let people know!
vivi096 [3d]
Hello I can translate from English to Portuguese and from English to Spanish

आप हिंदी भी जानते हो क्या? क्या कमाल का बात है।

आप भी।

Yes, if you ask me if I have any knowledge of Hindi, but my favourite languages are Portuguese and Spanish.

Cuántos idiomas conoce?

Hello, @ilikedeadclowns how are you? I know fo languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and Hindi.

नो पुएडो क्रीर उस्टेड कोनोसे हिन्दी बिएन परा त्रडुसिर।
Pensé que va a responder en Español si le pregunto en Español, pero no. C’est la vie.