Looking to help with segmenting

i’ve always subtitled and never did segmenting. however, i want to try it out this time. i watched the segmenting videos, and i think i understand how it works. are there any projects that i could help out on? i’m fluent in korean and english, if that helps. please keep in mind that i’ve never done this before. thank you!

It is usually a requirement of any on air drama that the segmenters have graduated from either Segmenting 101 or Ninja Academy of Subtitling and segmenting. Although the videos are useful introductions to the subject, good segmenting requires learning proper techniques and many hours of practice. So I suggest you enroll in either Ninja Academy or Seg 101.


It’s no easy task at all, although the videos make it seem so easy. I also believe that knowing the language it’s a plus. I Hate when they cut a word mid sentence because they don’t know the language, and miss cutting the word where it ends. It happened a lot with a Spanish drama I worked in. I feel this is a very important part of segmenting knowing the language well.

i did, i’m waiting to be accepted:)