Lookinjg for A drama

this drama has been on here before, I thought it was called EVERGREEN And not able to find it anywhere. a barista has a coffee shop And when he gives a person a magic potion (drink of coffee) and things, good things start to happen, there is a big tree standing in front of the store, his grandfather also has those special powers to help others through the potions, somehow that tree starts to die due to loss of power. I sure would love to find that drama!

now on to another one, this is a new drama on NF called “mystic popup bar”,

and would you believe this is almost a copy of what I am looking for, and crazy as is, remember that lunamoon in where the owner did herself in over 500 years ago. well so did this owner of that bar.

but this bar has an elixer that helps people with their inner emotions, just like that barista potions

anyone know of this first drama?

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I don’t know it but I just saw that @somejuwels mentioned something about it in another thread: What are you guys currently watching?

I just watched the first episode and it reminds me of Hotel del Luna. Concerning the magic coffee, there is a drama called “Coffee, do me a favor”. But the barista serves this coffee to a chubby girl and she transforms to a skinny girl.


as far as I know it was called EVERGREEN
yes the drama on NF reminded me of hotel de luna, and the drama I am looking for. I always say green forest! I just would love to find it and watch again. or the other name is that man oh soo

Evergreen was on Dramafever and wasn’t completely broadcast before dramafever was closed by it’s new owner
Mystic popupbar does have a very familiar feel to dramafever but instead of one person with mystic powers in popupbar we have several with mystic powers


I haven’t watched Mystic Popup Bar yet; but if in the one you were looking for the barista was cupid and made love potions from the magic pollen that fell from the tree growing in their courtyard I’m quite sure you’re right that it was called Evergreen, also called That Man Oh Soo, it stared Lee Jong-hyun and Kim So-eun. I thought I watched it here on Viki but it’s not on here now.

I’ll have to watch Mystic Popup Bar and see what drama it reminds me of. :slight_smile:

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yes thats right, “cupid”, and yeah it wasn’t completed, and was on DF? I thought it was here on Viki. well with me remembering the right title I plan to look for it today

well my’all I did find the drama EVERGREEN, the quality of the film is not so good, and barely hear it. see? still like Viki, would love for them to get that drama, yeah I did request it as well.

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Hi guys. 5 years ago I asked to sub a great Korean historical drama named ‘Yeon Gaesomun’ that aired from SBS 2006-2007. 14 years have passed and still there is no subtitles for this great drama. I asked from dramafever and darksmurfsub when they were existed, and a year ago asked Netflix,…when those other subtitle or streaming sites were available, I remember that some dramas had 4 different subtitles by VIKI, VIU, DramaFever, Darksmurfsub and… But they couldn’t they spend the same for subbing Yeon Gaesomun drama? I have the whole 100 episodes, but without English subtitles I can’t fully understand what they say since I haven’t learned Korean just by watching dramas. Please read this and do a lot of people a favor by making subtitles for “Yeon Gaesomun”.

I hate coffee, but if there was a coffee like that I’d make an exception and gulp it to the last drop.


Irmar would like to know the title, of that one. mine is still Evergreen, the guy did spread love in his potions, and fro some reason the tree is dying. still was a good drama, Irmar I do remember seeing it, but never watched it.

P/S Irmar, I found it!