Looks like I did it again

I picked a drama on Netflix, and another zombie type show, I also watched train to Busan, cause of favorite actors, same here. this is called Kingdom, If Viki had it or has it, I don’t recall seeing it, I do like historical dramas & movies, maybe I am being a bit critical/judgemental about this. I will watch, wait & see. I just don’t care about zombies, lucky to see me watch vampires and witches!

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If you’re like me don’t watch Kingdom late at night.
All 6 episodes are up with English subs. Also, if you make it through the series there will be a second season. Production for the second season is supposed to begin in February 2019.

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well maybe I will watch it like you said not before bed time. and a second season you say? really hope this is good then!

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Kingdom does have an awesome cast. This drama is only available on Netflix. I believe they funded/produced it and it’s not available anywhere else.

I’ve seen the trailer and there are some pretty creepy scenes, so be prepared with camomile tea to calm your nerves, ha ha.

Let me tell you that some shows on Netflx are so scary and I just can’t watch them. I was never the ‘‘scary type’’ of person.but I can’t tolerate the zombies movies or dramas. There is one about a girl who turns into a zombie through sx with a guy, and it has 2 seasons already. I tried to watch it but I got so scared bc it feels so real. Train from Busan I jumped sky high the little pieces of the movie that I saw, was by skipping the parts I couldn’t handle to watch.

today I found one here the king of blaze 2 parts, seems like, the first part zombies in the act. I have only watched abouit 5 episodes so will wait and see what happens to the rest.

Just a quick post to say thank you!
My sister and I were looking for something to watch and I remembered reading your post about Kingdom and zombies so we just watched the 1st season today!

I’m a chicken for scary dramas or movies, but having watched other us zombies series, world war z and train to busan, we found this drama less scary, not scary.

[spoiler]- It lacks suspense and thrilling chills, some moments were really long and sometimes lenghthy, we’re waiting for something to happen, the historical part was king of boring (always the same thing with someone wanting to grab the power, oh surprise it’s this person, like this part was predictable). The bad guy part was kinda boring (I will avenge him…). The queen part was also boring. The characters in the scenario lack depth. The evil intentions… sometimes you feel it not really natural and the same old song.

  • Lack characters devvelopment but in 6 ep, quite understand it.
  • The characters were sometimes just waiting for thes zombies to come at them… really? Not believable.
  • Thee scene where they eat: seemw not natural.
  • servants, magistrates… I was just hardly believing it that no one did anything or just watch this. It could have been more intesting to try to dvp something there.

But the good points:

  • it’s refreshing to see something new in kdramas with zombies qnd historical. Not something the us could really do though the zombie theme has been already exploited in series.
  • I prefered the fights parts and siege parts, most interesting for me.
  • i dislike the crown prince at first bec why so dumb and victim, come on, you’re the crown prince but the last ep show he’s becoming more of a leader and takes firm decision, I like it.
  • the nurse: for once, not a chicken female side lead.
  • some unpredictable things though, not every thing but some (the end of s1!) But it wasn’t presented really well or as dramatic as it would be.
  • only 6 ep, for once, I don’t have to think it over if I would have time to finish it (though some ep seem longer than usual so I was reading a novel when boring moments were showing)

So will watch the s2 for the siege, the zombies resolution, the dvp of crown prince and for the nurse.[/spoiler]

Thank you for posting this!! You make us discover a new drama :wink:

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I’m watching the KINGDOM drama right now and all I do is jumping and screaming.