Lost category on what I was watching. HELP

New to Viki.
I did have a category of recently watched or watched dramas. That category is gone. So I have to search for the drama I was watching EVERY time I leave and come back.
How can I fix this?

Losing the category is strange. However you still have your Watch History.

Click on that and you get a page with your viewed videos


This is lillymae who wrote the original note. I should have said I lost my “watch history” category.

You can also follow the dramas you are watching (Press the + icon on their main page or below the video player) and access them through the following list (click on your profile image and then on following).


Another way to access your ‘Watch History’ (which is private and viewable only by you) is via your ‘Overview’ page. If for some reason you still can’t find your ‘WH’, I’d suggest the usual. Log out, clear cache, and log in again. Failing which, you’ll need to contact Viki Tech Support for help.


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