Love Frequency 37.2 Korean drama need contribution!

I wanted to let you know about an on-air korean drama

Love Frequency 37.2


In Love Frequency 37.2, 37.2 degrees Celsius is the same temperature in which one falls in love.

A radio DJ that also holds a doctorate in psychology, DJ Captain (Yoon Gun) hosts the show “Pirates Radio” on an underground frequency, where his listeners call in to seek his advice on love, from memories of first love to relationship issues, and so on. Each episode covers a new love story, but DJ Captain isn’t without his own secrets and story.

 Yoon Gun - DJ Captain
 Choi Yoon-So - Ko Dong-Hee
 Yoon Jin-Wook - Song Joon-Young
 Jin Hyun-Bin - Kang Hee-Tae
 Ayoung - Jung Sun-Hee

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If you’d like to join the team, please contact to me , I need segmenters, subbers and moderators (except spanish).
This show isn’t licensed at the current moment, but you can fill out this form to get it licensed!: