Lunar New Year! Tell me more about the traditions?


Oh don’t get me started on French Pastry! I only got to visit the Airport in Paris on my way thru to Vienna. I was so sad that I didn’t get to see France. And eat croissants.


I am such a foodie, I even have Gochujang!


Croissants are sold outside France, even in Asia!

The best I got to try were made with French butter, but from what I’ve tasted, not all croissants from France are good or made with fresh ingredients. It depends!


Crème brûlée is my favorite dessert although I don’t get it much. Flan is very similar and I LOVE Flan. Do you have good Asian Restaurants? I wanted to eat at some Asian Restaurants in Germany they looked so good.


Craving crème brûlée after watching a video. Flan is pretty good.

Yes, we have good and not good Asian restaurants!
Korean restaurants by Korean people and Japanese restaurants by Japanese people :ok_hand:
I found that the price range is also correct (for every budget, student menu) compared to French restaurants that are usually more expensive.

There is a street full of Asian restaurants and French people love Asian food so there is always a lot of people waiting outside the front door of these restaurants, especially for Korean and Japanese restaurants.
It’s really convenient if you want to eat at a Korean restaurant, but want to grab a Japanese dessert while drinking a Taiwanese bubble tea :joy:

If you go to the Asian district, there is a delicious Peking duck restaurant. Many people from other countries come in this district to shop for Asian food and Peking duck that are difficult to find in their area. The Asian supermarkets are bigger than the ones I got to visit in a city near Amsterdam, but damn Asian chips and fruits from the Netherlands were top-notch… I haven’t been to an Asian supermarket in the Americas, so I can’t compare, but I’m sure you have even bigger ones and many Asian restaurants :stuck_out_tongue:
Back in Germany, I don’t remember having tried an Asian restaurant, such a pity. But other countries also have pretty good Asian restaurants!

It really depends on the chefs :joy:


Run out fast and get some Creme Brulee! I also love cannolis but they have to be made by a REAL Italian.


I will!
After watching this Korean channel with the crème brûlée, I said to my sister, “I don’t need anything for my birthday, just make Crème Brûlée for me!!”

Cannelloni! So good! I am happy I ate lunch before reading your message :joy:


I am making these right now!


It’s not creme brulee but Lemon Mousse! Pretty yummy!


Pepero (빼빼로) Day is held annually on November 11, and is an observance in South Korea similar to Valentine’s Day. It involves the gifting or exchange of Pepero snacks, a line of chocolate-dipped cookie sticks, with the intention of displaying affection for friends and loved ones.

I seriously need this tradition in my life!

What other traditions do you know about in Korea or in Asian Countries that are fun!

@misswillowinlove I know you must know some traditions you can share!

How are you?


Do you by any chance have a Wegmans in your area? They have one in Richmond, Virginia (I moved from there to Rochester, NY in the 1980s).

They have Pepero and Pocky which are tasty “morselettes” and are about as expensive as a nice Valentine’ Day card. Start NOW, and you can have a great stash by V-day.

And while you’re at it, mark your calendar for 2022.

I have a friend who was born in Shanghai and is a cardiac nurse. She introduced me to moon cakes for the autumn moon viewing festival in the autumn.

In 2022, the festival will be on September 10, 2022.


My friend also introduced me to the very tasty Eight Treasure Rice, Chinese rice pudding, a special treat any time.

Here is a recipe, but I have always bought it at my local Asian market.

Moon cakes are apparently something that is ordered special online. They are quite tasty!

Also, my Shanghai friend introduced me to

Wow, are they great? They are great. Frozen food section, Asian market.

These are all for different festivals and whatnot, but they are soooooooo good.

For us diehard Asia-boos, any excuse for tasty food!

And in fact, because I am such an “orgins” freak, how about this that I found tonight?

It’s interesting that every time @kdrama2020ali asks about food, the Internet churns up something that @misswillow finds.

It’s that Southern Soul/Seoul Sisterhood. The taste buds will not be denied.

As one of them “iggerant” round eyes, I obvs don’t understand all the subtleties of Asian history and won’t unless I get to live a thousand years (and even then I won’t), but the ancient and traditional foods that appear in so many forms in, you know, THAT part of the world that we’re all nuts to be interested in . . .


And if they aren’t quite that ancient and traditional yet, the Supreme HU Overlord can just issue an edict. Problem solved.



Oh thank you! I knew I could count on you!!! :heart:

So true