_lyla/foreverdawning and discor*ddotcom viki server matter. What really happened?

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I wanted to let you know that you are (probably) violating the Viki Community Guidelines by posting a screenshot of your PMs.

In case you weren’t aware - please read underneath Do not share private information about yourself or others.

One of the examples they mention:


Thanks for your kind advice.

Since I did only shared the part I wrote regarding the last one I just deleted and had to share everything to baepsae and dimghro in order to prove I wasn’t slandering a whole outside viki server (baepsae made me show the prints as proof of what I’ve received), now that any volunteer’s username is on any of the PrintScreens and I have the every right to make things clear, I assume I’m not violanting any rule.

If letting people know the truth because they don’t believe words but screenshots is violating a rule, tell me what community would that be?

A democratic and upright one who gives the right to anyone defend themselves or a dictatorial one where only one-sided claims are regarded as the thruth of a matter?

Thank you for thinking about it and, by doing so, helping improve this community.

Have a wonderful day! ^^


You’ve got a point there! But I suppose that, since the whole thing started because of comments talking crap about you, written by someone on that other platform, people were expecting you to post screenshots of those slandering comments - not your Viki correspondence.


There’s nothing wrong with posting screenshots to prove your claim.All I wanted to point out is that the screenshots you choose might be violating the rules that Viki came up with (not us) and might lead to your post getting flagged or taken down.

As Irmar pointed out, if the claims were about a different platform, then screenshots of that platform wouldn’t violate the Viki Community Guidelines as long as it abides by the other rules as well.

Thanks, enjoy your day as well :blush:

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