Magic school

something different, only 4 episodes, but chocked full of things that will make your day, If I say anything else, it will be a spoiler. when you get a chance, do watch it! it is cute too

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I’m sure it’s wonderful, but it’s not available on Viki, sadly. :sweat:

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Viki is not the only option out there.
I started watching it now. It’s sweet, and better made (and acted) than most web dramas.

I found a site that I was able to see Goblin, the Bride of the water God and am currently watching My sassy girl. I wasn’t able to see them here bc they are ‘‘not in my region’’ (USA). Although I help here and there, I can’t see them here like I deserve. I’ts a shame but I’m so glad I got closure in my life with 3 dramas and more to come for they have abundant dramas movies, documentaries etc…

The sad part? They only have Spanish subtitles available. The wonderful and great thing?! I know Spanish and I even offered to do subs for them! (They do need editing lol) You can’t have it all in life hahaha. They made my day so much happier. Later on, I’m going to see if they have that one there too and see it.


Oh, that’s nice. :slight_smile:

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I just finished it. It was fun. The young actors were fresh and raw and a bit expressionless an awkward at times (especially the nerd and the daughter), but the main lead (Jin Young) has crazy charm, so if he takes some more acting lessons he sure has a bright future in front of him. And of course there is Nichkhun’s smile, how can you resist this smile?
The story was nice at the beginning, then it got a bit too much in the end, with the brother’s angst and whatnot.
But all in all it was a pleasant watch, several noches better than the usual horrifying web dramas.