Maintenance Scheduled February 14, 2023

Planned Maintenance: 14 Feb. 2023 at 12AM - 2:30AM (PDT)

Discussions forum is scheduled for maintenance on 14 February 2023, 12:00 AM - 2:30 AM (PDT) , and will be unavailable during this time. We appreciate your understanding.

Found this announcement on link:


And a second, it’s on your dashboard -
Discussions forum is scheduled for maintenance on 15 February 2023, 12:00 AM - 2:30 AM (PST) , and will be unavailable during this time. We appreciate your understanding.

If you are reading this after the 14th & 15th at the times specified, the notices are now gone from the links.

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No noticeable changes worth talking about so far. I wish they would specified what kind of maintenance work will be done to this forum. They really need to clean up the old Discussion that no longer benefits anyone that reads them. We have plenty of those. I also requested to have some of my stuff I wrote deleted, and I keep seeing them. Some has the request with garbage can from years ago request.

Please, (staff in charge of this maintenance work) look into that for me, and delete all I requested to be deleted. THANK YOU so much for your attention into this matter.

I see several changes, including a very bad one. Why is my inbox gone? :scream:


the only change i’ve seen so far is that i can now see who posted what and when. does that interest me?


We can now ignore people:

Our inbox is gone.

We see a notification if someone who hasn’t posted in a while says something, telling us how long ago their previous post was.


My quotes are no longer recognized, the bot is blind! It says I cannot post a blank reply, and I have a whole quote! :unamused:

Our trail blazier veteran leaders are popping up too with these changes :smile: so far :eye_in_speech_bubble:the above quote has beefshi posting for the very first time! And below’s quote, mariko is also posting! :grinning:

Uggh! I can no longer do :disguised_face: incognito :disguised_face: viewing of discussions.

Something I just ran across. If your links are not separated by the enter key, and are wrapped. The changes has made them only a url. So if there was a visual layout of that link, it’s gone! The thing with that is, we lose the ability to edit posts after two months.

You can now edit a quote! And it can be anyone’s quote. :grimacing: Uhmmm, I hit the edit button, and it takes me to where I have the quote posted!


Found it:

Still, it’s a detour. Why did they remove the icon from where it used to be?


Oh! Thanks for helping us navigate. It’s going to take some adjusting with these changes. I wonder if we’ll lose more people, or gain more people on discussions? :thinking: Bringing the Forum up to speed might be a challenge, or to catch up, to the more popular forums.

I think the updates is still ongoing, and incomplete.
:smile::laughing: Even though you clued me into the link for the discussions message inbox, I’ll still have to find it, or keep that tab open. :smile:


Use the link above and then replace “username” with your username:

(No worries, you are the only one who will see it.)


So far, there is no way to message a new person. Viki tells us to click the icon in their avatar, but the icon isn’t there. :upside_down_face:


Could be. Weirdly enough, your reply didn’t actually show up, other than in the link “1 reply.” :thinking:


I purposely did that :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I tried finding it too, fail.


How? :star_struck:

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By using the pencil :pencil2: in the “1 reply.” I did an edit. We were online posting at the same time, so instead of a new post as I am doing now, I answered in the one already posted, by editing.

This is where I found the message :incoming_envelope: icon for sending new messages. See link below.
Let’s use the first user to see it, just tap kdrama2020ali the mini profile pops up, and voila! :incoming_envelope: That’s where I found it! Each user can be filtered by user name, they will surface to the top of the list. :blush: Oh! After sending an actual message, I can now see the :incoming_envelope: message icon alongside the other three. I honestly think they are still working on bringing the changes up to speed. We now have so many active leaders! See for yourself in the second, and third links! :smiley:

¹ Viki Discussions

² About - Viki Discussions


Something else I ran into, after changing to desktop view, both here, and in my browser, there is no longer a scroll bar to scroll through a thread, when you’re at the top. Especially one with many, many posts.

Awesome! The scroll bar is back! Thank you!


Now it looks so


I just noticed we can, now, share using whatsApp! :smiley:! One issue I have with this though, I shared one of my collections expecting to see my cover, it was automatically changed to Viki’s cover. :frowning:

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