"Make Kdrama, Not War"

I’m not going to go into the whole “Why are humans such jerks that they would destroy everything?” debate, but one thing is for certain: Kdrama will cease to exist if war is to break-out in the Korean peninsula. This world has always treated me like crap, so I don’t care if it gets blown up either way, but there are still some good things on it, things that make one carry on living, none as great as Kdrama.

I hope you all agree when I say, “Make Kdrama, Not War”

Of course we don’t like wars.

Wars mean ruins, miserable and homeless.

But why post it here? Did you read some horrible news that made you worried??


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Peace to you too, Laura!

I avoid the news because they are all horrible, but how can you escape them when everyone around you is talking about nuclear this and war that? Of course, my first thoughts were of my beloved Kdrama. It sounds selfish, I know, but if Kdrama is being made, then it means it is still peace, so the people over there can work and live safely.