Marriages, what rights in a word of mouth only marriage

I am about on the last episode of V-Focus, query here;
ok; we had a fake marriage, not conssumated, not on paper, really not legalized in court. But does she have any right as a wife, any say so, hmmm just thought of the taylor shop, yeah there was another one(Jeckle,hyde,me) so do any one have a guess on these, no legality whatso ever. so do the wives have some say so in the matters? I’d like to know

well being no one replied, I researched this, as for here in the USA a fine line to legal or njot. so I am supposing that other countries are the same, have it in writing, leagle, proof, if he or she does have the legal right as a spouce.

I was being curious and found this article on npr:

I thought it was well explained and it was published last year, but I didn’t watch V-Focus so I don’t know if it answers your questions.

Apparently, in the USA, you still have 11 states that recognize common law marriage and they have rights written in the law to protect them. Even if they didn’t sign a marriage contract, they still can be considered as well as married if there’s proof.
The fine line between “married or not?” is not so clear in these countries according to the judge that was interviewed in the article.
For other countries, the article talks about Canada and Norway if you want to check them out :slight_smile:
For France, we have 3 situations : marriage, PACS and concubinage.
Contrary to the USA, concubinage in France doesn’t give specific rights, they will never be considered married in front of the court, they are considered as single but in special cases, you can ask for compensation in front of the judge (false seduction…)
PACS is a contract more convenient, cheaper than marriage contract. And it’s easier when people want to break up.

answers very fully and plain. thank you so much! I was like I said just curious about that. I will check that link out too. again thanks!